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Texas Roadhouse for Perth?

April 7, 2009

We interrupt this Spring break hiatus for this item:

Texas Roadhouse was having a company meeting  in San Francisco.  We walked by the hotel just as they were leaving for a night out.  We just couldn’t help it, we had to go up to an executive looking guy and suggest they try expanding into Western Australia.

What says “Western” better than a “Texas Roadhouse”?

If Outback restaurants can come to the USA, then why not “turnabout is fair play”?

One thing we forgot to tell the executive looking guy:  Fremantle is a Liberty port for ships from the Arabian Gulf.  Can’t you just picture a bunch of American sailors on Liberty finding a place named “Texas Roadhouse”?

Maybe we should go back tomorrow and ask it they need a bigger in-depth scouting report.  Can’t you just picture those fellows from Texas if they had next year’s gathering in Kalgoorlie?

Hmmm.  Wonder how I can apply for the job of Regional Manager for Western Australia.  If there is no franchises in W. A., right now, that sounds like a pretty cushy job, just right for me.

To be continued . . .