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World’s Laziest Journalist Story Updates

December 27, 2008

We promised more on the prison break theme park.

URL’s are

Adventure World

and Sudden Impact Entertainment

All we give you is link so you can do your own fact checking?  Why do you think we have the title of “World’s Laziest Journalist”?

Bon Scott Statue

The reason that the city of Fremantle in West Australia has a statue of Bon Scott (from AC/DC) is because his family moved to “Freo” when he was less than 10 years old, so he attended school and high school in the port city on the Indian Ocean.

Drinking Song

Barstool Mountain sends many visitors to this site.  We mentioned that a song was missing from their list of 100 best drinking songs.  The missing song is Sigmund Romberg’s “The Drinking Song” from The Student Prince. 

Equipment upgrade

Writing stories on the fly using computers with time limits means there is likely to be less fact checking, so we are studying the possibility of getting a portable lap-top to use.

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To be continued . . .