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Resurection of the traveling bag

March 19, 2009
The traveling bag from Fremantls

The traveling bag from Fremantls

After  becoming convinced that the floppy with the only pictures of the traveling Bob bag in existence, was lost; we found it and can post the photoss (also check flickr) online.


Reporting live from a beatnik cafe in . . .

March 19, 2009
Mediterranium Cafe

Mediterranium Cafe

Reporting live from the Mediterranium Cafe in Berkeley, Ca.,  is the realization for this blogger of the Internet’s potential from a long time ago.  It took a good deal of time and some bumps in the learning process, but here we are today, March 19, 2009, sitting in a restaurant that Jack Kerouac used to patronize, and in a few moments we will hit “publish” and see it all come to pass.

So then it will be on to the road back to Fremantle and Kalgoorlie.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be?

March 18, 2009

We posted some new photos today.  We posted some on flickr

We intended to post the photos of the traveling Bobbag today and when we looked through all the floppy disks (yes our digital camera is an old fashioned one that uses floppy disks) we couldn’t find the one with the photos taken at the Santa Monica Pier.

Maybe the floppy went AWOL, too?

If we find it, we will post the pictures.  If we never find that floppy, then perhaps it was never meant to be that pictures of the traveling Bobbag appear anywhere on the Internet? 

As Ned Kelly once said:  “Such is life!”

Friends around the world

March 15, 2009

At the civic center hostel, I’ve just run into a couple whom I met in November at the Sydney Central Backpacker’s  Hostel. 

They are going to meet up with a friend in L. A. and then go to Fla.

After comparing notes with them – Yes they had a steak at the Bourbon (in the King’s Cross Section of Sydney) – I gave them recommendations for the USA.  The good food deals in Vegas, the air park (museum) in Pema Arizona, the cavalry museum in El Paso, the touristy stuff in Dallas, then if they have time Memphis and Nashville, New Orleans and maybe the Sebring race in Fla.,, and/or the Ringling Winter HQ.  I highly recommended the Nethercutt (car) Museum in L. A.

I recommended the Beatnik Museum for them (and the City Lights Bookstore) here in San Francisco.

I will try to get to the de Young Museum (with Warhol exhibition) today.

Life goes on (without the Bob bag).

Also have to plug the (SF) band Pullout which just came back from Europe.

Their web site is

(Hope I got that right.  Typed it out didn’t do cut and paste.)

Let the travel adventures continue . . .

Adventures without the bag

March 14, 2009

The camera and I went to the intersection of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco today without the bag.  We took some typical tourist cliche shots wtihout the bag.  Too bad the bag went AWAL, we had fun.

The bag saga continued . . .

March 13, 2009

On Friday, we started to try to track down the lost bag.  We went to the customer service on Van Ness.  They sent us to SFMTA (Muni) at Gerry and Presidio.  They had me file a report and said I should check back in a few days. 

So you can’t get something you lost yesterday.  You have to stick around a few days.  I guess that’s one way to boost tourism.

We asked if we could call collect from Australia, they said “no.”

So the bag may be gone forever.  Then again . . .

On the way out of the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority building, we walked past an office with the door open.

What one song would symbolize bureaucracy in SF?

They were playing the Jefferson Airplane.s “White Rabbit.”

Stay tuned . . .


March 13, 2009

It took two busses to get from downtown to the Golden Gate.  When we got on the second bus, we noticed the Bob bag was gone.  Maybe, tomorrow, we’ll go to the SF Bus lost and found.

Stay tuned . . .

Adventures of the Bob bag

March 12, 2009

While in Fremantle (Western Australia) we got a free ecology shopping bag from Bob’s Shoe store.  We intend to post pictures of it taken around the world.

We almost posted photos yesterday of the bag at the Santa Monica Pier.  We’ll post them next week.

Since we are in San Franciso, we will try to take some Bob bag shots taken at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Stay tuned for the adventures of the Bob bag.

Beatnik, hippie, or vagabond?

February 21, 2009

If Perth is a bit east of Fremantle and a fellow

leaves Perth going East, eventually, he will get back

to Fremantle, wouldn’t he?

That is the quest/question for my latest column on

Smirking Chimp

Info for my mates in Sydney

January 25, 2009

Hi SCB Hostel gang!

I was fact checking some Sydney stuff and found a place (down in the Wooloomooloo section of town) that seems to be a local community resource which you might like to use (if you want to do workouts):

It’s cold and rainy in the San Francisco area and sundown comes about 6 p.m.