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July 14, 2009

Here’s a film pitch idea.

There would be two hour segments

A film made by film school students from a script by one of Hollywood’s top script writers (Shane Black?)

The second would be from a film school student’s script but it would be filmed using a top director (Oliver Stone?) a great cinematographer and well known actors and actresses.

Which of the two segments would you most like to see?

LOL in Pasadena! ! !

May 3, 2009

Back in the day when Herb Caen was “Mr. San Francisco” he used LOL to signify a Little Old Lady, and now that we stop to think about it, we have a great film pitch idea (where is Bo Zenga when you really need him?).  Who owns the film rights to the Beach Boy’s song “It’s the Little Old Lady from Pasadena”?

We got a great idea for a script based on this song.

So I’ll be waiting to hear from Quenten Tarentino or George Lucas in the mailboc for the “worldslaziestjournalist” at the yahoo web site, so e-mail me and let’s get this idea up and running! ! !

Movie Script Pitch (Based on a true story)

April 15, 2009

I’ve found out about this “true story” in my travels and would be able to provide more details for a movie if folks want to pay me for the information and idea.  (If Bo Zenga can do it, so can I! ! !)

During World War II a woman was taken Prisoner of War.  She escaped.  She travel through an enimy country and entered a neutral country where she had to sit out the rest of the war, but not as a prisoner, just as a stranded member of the military type guest visa.

A woman POW escapes successfully?  WOW!  What act res could best be described as “the female Steve McQueen”?  Where did it happen?  More details Howie?  Send an e-mail to the world’s laziest journalist (all one word, no apostrophe, no spaces, down style) at the beloved Yahoo e-mail site for the chance to expand this pitch.

(God bless Bo Zenga!)