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Promobabble Ides of March bonus edition

March 16, 2009

Ides of March Bonus Edition of the Promobabble Report

We went to the de Young Museum today to see the Warhol exhibit.  When we got there, we learned that it would cost two $10 fees to get in.  This was an outrage!  Warhol was protesting the money grubbing art scene and wanted to make art available to the average person and not a museum snob, so we did a U-turn and left (in a huff.)

I have talked to him three times and bought a poster, which he and the subject shown on poster (Russel Means, the American Indian Movement leader) both signed.  I paid less for that than it would cost to get into see the art show.

Came back to the hostel area  and decided to have the pit crew switch to rain tires.  (I.e. old pants and shoes so that if they got soaked in a rainstorm, I could just toss them away.)

to take the locals recommendation for  Vietnamese food.  It is a place called Turtle Tower.

I’ve only had Vietnamese food once before – in Paris across from the Hotel California.  Wasn’t sure about plunging recklessly into a second time.  It looked like it might start raining so I decided to try it.  It was North Vietnamese style.

I went to the SFPL and then afterwards jumped on the Van Ness bus line.  I wound up back in my old (forty years ago) neighborhood and walked around.  Headed back on the bus.  Stopped at the Accademy of Art University where they had an art display composed of classic cars.

I took some pictures to send to the DOTS dept. at Jalopnik.  Could a DOTS car spotting picture ever get better than a 1930 Model J dual cowle Duesenberg?  I don’t think so.  We’ll send them some pictures and see wha they say.

We decided to knock out a bonus edition of the Promobabble Report so now we’ll spell check fast and send a copy and past to our member in China.