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PKD on terrorism?

August 31, 2009

In the novel “A Scanner Darkly,” Philip K. Dick (on page 91 paperback) wrote:  “One of the most effective forms of industrial or military sabotagelimits itself to damage that can never be thoroughly proven – or even proven at all – to be anything deliberate.”  How closely would Dick say that the fires in the Los Angeles region come to meeting his criteria?

How do you figure?

August 29, 2009

While traveling we resented paying money to get computer time, so we finally got a lap-top.

Now, when we want to post we spend money to get a drink at the Cow’s End Cafe in Venice and it seems that we are spending just as much, if not more, than we did when we had to pay for computer time in the various hostels.

As Ned Kelly once said: “Such is life.”

The Meaning of Life

July 26, 2009

Finding the Meaning of Life

[We heard this story many years ago and would give credit to the source, but it was so long ago that we are just glad we can remember the story.]

A man was seeking the meaning of life and so he traveled to Tibet and climbed up to find the wise-man of the mountains. 

He asked the wise man “What must I do to learn the meaning of life?”

The wise man answered:  “Shoot out someone’s eye with a be-be gun.”

The man was puzzled and said he didn’t understand that.

The wiseman said:  “When you were a child, didn’t your mother tell you that you wouldn’t be happy until you shot out someone’s eye with your new be-be gun?

Unanswerable Question

May 18, 2009

Where was Steve Brody when he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge?

Saying:  “on the Brooklyn Bridge” is wrong, because that was before he jumped off.

Saying “in the air” or “in the water” is wrong because that was after he jumped off.

So where was Steve Brody when he jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge?

Zen and the Art of Apathy

April 22, 2009

Que sera sera.

The Philosophy of Gonzo Journalism

January 18, 2009
Gonzo Philosophy

Gonzo Philosophy

Gonzo Philosophy is an oxymoron.  Gonzoists want to have fun and cause trouble. 

If (for instance) someone has won one of the Hunter S. Thompson Writing Grants from the Gonzo Journalism Foundation (for the promotion and practice of Gonzo Journalism) has a chance to go to the United States and write about the e-hippie existence in the land of Opportunity, he would be back on the road ASAP.  Hence, tomorrow at a bit past 10 a.m. we make a blog post from Sydney NSW.  At 11 a.m. the same day (maybe noon?) we will make a post from San Francisco.

Ready or not, here we come .  . .