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Ready anytime you are, CB!

May 10, 2009

In the old days previewing what a shot would look like to the camera could mean just using your two hands in the “L” formation to make a “viewfinder.” 

The thought of buying one of the real gizmos that the directors used was very appealing to a youngster growing up in Scranton Pa., but the real world is tough.  He who hesistates spends more cash.  Now, those directors viewfinders cost beaucoup dinero.

We’ve found a place in Hollywood that sell them but they are expensive.

The directors vsiewfinder from Alan Gordon are listed at $699

Well, it’s back to the old use your two hands method, for the time being.

March or die!

April 29, 2009

Beau Geste will be one of the films shown in a new series at UCLA.  The series will look at how Hollywood portrayed life in North Africa.  The L. A. Times had a good promo-item story on it today and you can click to the schedule from this link:


April 27, 2009

When the legendary H. L. Mencken, as a rookie journalist, was assigned to cover political upheaval in Cuba in 1918.  When he arrived the government had implemented a news blackout and would not permit any telegrams to be sent regarding the events that were occurring.  Mencken linked up with a clever local who was sure that the news embargo could be bypassed.  While his stymied and infuriated colleagues expressed their frustration with the government, Mencken and his local guide went down to the waterfront and paid (half now, half when the job is done) a boater to send the stories from Florida to Mencken’s editor in Baltimore.  The paper scored several scoops using this example of capitalistic enterprise.  Mencken outmaneuvered the competition and established himself as a superstar of the journalism world with a variation on the “end run.”

And you thought a “news embargo” was a modern technique?


Urban Legend or True Story?

February 17, 2009

Urban legend or good script idea for a “road picture”? 


Back in the Fifties, during a trip we  (probably one of the ones I made with Aunt Dorothy) made to New York City to go to the old Barnes and Nobel book store (when there was only one in the whole world) each time an new volume of Admiral Morrison’s History of U. S. Naval Operations in World War II was published), we took a cab trip and we must have asked about how far their service extended because the guy told us that during WWII, a bunch (four, five or six?) of sailors hopped into a cab and told the drive to take them to the San Diego Naval Base,  According to our informant, he cleared the trip with his dispatcher and off they went.  He didn’t seem to be “putting us on.”  He relayed it as a true incident from the war, type story.


Is that an urban legend?  If it really happened, it might make a good road picture, eh?


 If this story is based on a true incident and you know some of the details please post them in a comment.  Thanks!


Imponderable Question (No. 3)

February 6, 2009

There are film festivals featuring noir classics in both San Francisco and Palm Springs.  Why isn’t there one in Los Angeles, which is synonymous with the stories about pulp fiction detectives’?


Dracula’s ring up for bids

February 5, 2009

A trove of Hollywood memorabilia will be sold via auction.

Items from Forest J Ackerman’s collection will be sold (see links below )

at auction.

For more information about the material and the auction use these links

news story

old page about collection

Film Noir Note

January 25, 2009

If you just happen to be in the San Francisco area you have a great opportunity available this week, because the Film Noir festival is underway there now