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Seen in Berkeley CA

April 3, 2013

Seen in Berkeley CA

While strolling on Shattuck we heard some boss cars and managed to get two shots of this Cobra

T-bird Spotting

December 16, 2009

This T-bird was spotted in Berkeley on Dec. 16, 2009

Car-spotting in Berkeley

December 11, 2009

The first car-spotting excursion, as a resident, in Berkeley on Friday December 11, 2009, provided the photographer with a chance to get some shots of this electric car.

Old Citroen

October 24, 2009


This old Citroen was seen in Venice CA today (October 23, 2009) getting a frontal shot of it looked to be more bother than it would be worth, so we cranked off a telephoto shot and said “good enough.”

Pasadena = Car-spotting Capital of the World! ! !

May 8, 2009

(Pasadena CA) A smorgasbord of new unrelated facts and events that started a week ago now add up to a chance, for one particular columnist, to augment his continuing effort to provide freelance journalism criticism, cover Jeb Bush’s effort to restore the Bush Dynasty to its rightful place in the Oval Office, watch a town other than Berkeley draw the attention of freedom of speech activists, provide some “inside baseball” news for bloggers, draw attention to the contention that attorney Richard Fine may possibly be considered a political prisoner in the USA, with a simultaneous effort to promote the writer’s new hometown as the unrivaled car-spotting capital of the world.

After moving in on a Friday afternoon, one particular song kept popping up in his mind.  On a Saturday morning stroll following coffee and a scan of the Los Angeles Times, the columnist had not been walking down Colorado Blvd., two minutes before he saw a deuce (1932 Ford) roadster.  Three minutes later a deuce coupe followed.

When an invitation to join the <a href =>National Society of Newspaper Columnists</a> arrived in the e-mail in box on Monday, it seemed that, based on previous information, that perhaps it was time to visit the offices of the Pasadena Star News and inquire about the possibility of getting a gig writing about the process of a new citizen discovering the charms of this famous city.

The regular Monday night session of the local city council was devoted to swearing in new members and taking a new official picture.

Plans to wage a campaign to have the aforementioned song designated as the official city song were scrapped when, after contacting the city clerk’s office, it was learned that the city had already named a different tune as their official song.

A Ted Rall cartoon in the Pasadena Weekly gave a heads-up that the next city council meeting might draw the attention of freedom of speech activists, rekindled hopes of getting a gig taking a fresh look at the city that is home to college football’s most famous game.

Every day in the new area produced at least one remarkable instance of happy car-spotting.  Two Cobras (or replicas?) had been seen.  A Nash Metropolitan, a sedan that from the side and going away seemed to be a 1931 four door Chevrolet sedan, and some powerful sounding newer cars indicated that it might be a good idea to advocate Pasadena as the car-spotting capital of the world and possibly entering into a media feud with the <a href =>car-spotting photos editor</a> for a leading web source of news and pictures of interest to automobile enthusiasts. 

Many of the cars seen in the Pasadena area are in what car collectors call “cherry” condition, while those featured on-line by the photographer scouring Alhambra find cars that are obviously in daily use.

There are other sites for car-spotters on-line, including one that is not geographic specific, <a href =>Madwhips</a>, but seems open to submissions from around the world.  (Yeah, but did they have photo coverage of Summer Nats?)

At this point, an effort to do some fact-checking on old information produced the news that the National Society of Newspaper Columnists had changed its rules and that Internet columnists were eligible for membership, caused a reevaluation of the need for doing the work necessary to catch the attention and approval of the editor of the local newspaper.

If an on-line columnist can now join the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and be eligible to attend their national convention, which will be held this year in Ventura on June 25 to 28, 2009, then it might be time to “cut to the chase” as they say in Hollywood and immediately apply for membership.

The NSNC web site has a page-full of links for those members who live in the cusp area of being both newspaper content providers and bloggers.  The possibility of being listed on that page is yet another solid reason for considering joining the group.

Max Lerner said (wrote?):  “A politician wouldn’t dream of being allowed to call a columnist the things a columnist is allowed to call a politician.”

Now, the disk jockey will play the 1923 song “<a href =>Home in Pasadena</a>.”  We’ll go get the digital camera and shoot some photos that will put Alhambra fans to shame.  Have the kind of week that will get your membership application approved by the Anaheim, Azusa, and East Cucamonga Sewing Circle, Book Review, and Timing Association.”  (Ask a <a href =>Jan and Dean</a> fan about that group if you must.)

Car-spotting in SF

April 3, 2009

Some group on Flickr asked if they could use some of my photos of cars and trucks in San Francisco


I said yes, so they now appear on that page also.  There were other pictures of old cars taken in San Francisco, but they didn’t ask about them.  The captions don’t say those extra pictures were taken in San Francisco.  So maybe I have to put the city name in all the photos?

Now, I wonder if Jalopnik and their DOTS department would give any publicity to a strickly SF group?

I’ll post some new pictures of a 38 Ford truck taken in SF and see if they want them for the SF car-spotters page on Flicker.

Life can get so complicated, eh?

Car-spotter’s “walk off grand slam”

March 21, 2009
Model J Duesenberg

Model J Duesenberg

For car-spotters seeing a 1930 Model J Duesenberg dual cowl phaeton, is like a baseball player getting a walk-off grand slam . . . in the last game of the World Series!

On Sunday , March 15, we were riding on a bus on Van Ness in San Francisco.  We saw some old cars in a building there and so we hopped off.  It was the Accademy of Art University and they were displaying some old cars in what looked like a former new car dealer show room. 

What are the rules of car-spotting?  We didn’t see it for sale.  We didn’t see it in a museum.  Is there a whistle on the play?  Does it count?  It sure was fun to see it.

Rules for Car-spotting

March 20, 2009
Car-spotting in SF

Car-spotting in SF

What are the official rules of Car-spotting?  It seems that seeing a car in an antique car store (we saw a 40 Ford DeLuxe coupe in such a store in Santa Monica recently) shouldn’t really count.  Seeing a rare car in a museum, doesn’t seem to qualify either, but what about if you see a very rare car in an art school’s window that is part of an art exhibit?  Should that count?