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Example of different styles of blogging with links

October 19, 2009

Blurbs with link following words.

Marina Developers Contribute to Supervisors’ Campaigns – Politics: Records show that leaseholders have given $508,044 to members of county board since 1986. They say they donate money to win access to public officials.

Grand Jury Asks D.A. to Review Leases at Marina – Development: It wants Garcetti to determine if laws were broken or procedures ignored in negotiation of long-term deals for prime real estate.

Blurbs with embedded links

Jeff Rabin LA Times story about Marina Developers Contribute to Supervisors’ Campaigns

Muir/Rabin LA Times story about Grand Jury asking Garcetti to determine if long-trem deals broke any laws.

Under multiple listings
Example for L. A. Times story about Grand Jury asking Garcetti to investigate long term deals

County Board of Supervisors

Grand Jury

Gil Garcetti

L. A. Times
August 11, 1994



Inert link and attempt to activate an inert link


Activating an inert link

If the link above is in blue that means that you can be taken right to the story on the Internet just by clicking on the blue type.

Wildest Almanac Blog Ever?

June 4, 2009

Is their a wilder Almanac blog than “Exicuted Today”?

David vs. Goliath on the web?

May 12, 2009

There is no way that the world’s laziest journalist’s blog can compete (David vs. Goliath style?) with “the best free Reference Directory for Information in the world,” so all we can do is give our readers the link to that site:

Humor from Canada

May 6, 2009

Dan St. Yves does humor from Canada and folks can start learning about him at:

We found this information while doing fact checking for the next Saturday Morning column for Smirking Chimp, Op Ed News, and this blog, so you can’t expect us to let the cat out of the bag and tell you what the column is all about before we get to write it, do you?


Posting a link to his blog seemed like a good idea, so we have shared that with you.

So if nothing else check back here where we will post a copy of the column after it has been posted at Smirking Chimp.

A Blogger calls for backup

April 21, 2009

(Venice CA) For a columnist, the chance to visit an area where he lived for several decades seemed like a surrealistic opportunity to write a lighthearted bit of gonzo adventures, but the visit has become a reality check where it is obvious that he may be in way over his head with a story that needs someone with a heavyweight’s credentials.

Leaving Los Angeles, after a being a local resident for several decades, a return visit, was the setting for a conversation with a long time friend, John Rizzo, President of the Marina Tenants Association.  When we used the word “kleptocracy,” John asked for a definition.  Briefly, it means a country run by crooks.

John responded by making reference to a legal case that has caught his interest because of a class action suit, he, the group, and his lawyer have been working on for a long time.  The particular case, he said, involved a bit of circular logic where (if we understand it right) some judges were suspected of improper conduct.  The California legislature absolved them of all wrongdoing (real or imagined) and then the judges sealed the case protecting it from public scrutiny.  The Tenants Association, though, feel that the particulars of that case are very relevant to their class action suit and would like to use the facts from that case for inclusion in their own case.

The Tenants Association lawyer, according to what John tells us, has been <a href =>jailed for contempt</a> because of his interest in the other sealed case.  If we understand the situation rightly perhaps it is one of the judges who acted improperly who doesn’t want the Tenants Association to try to imply that he wouldn’t treat them and their case fairly, because of his involvement in the other case. 

The true journalist would be willing to devote hours, if not weeks, to reading about the legal proceedings up to this point, and reading the court paperwork that would help the reporter understand what basic issue is, and then interviewing (if possible) the people who are part of the proceedings such as the judge and the lawyer who (most likely) needs some reassurance that he hasn’t been left abandoned and unnoticed in some obscure jail cell.

For a blogger who has only the limited cash resources of the World’s Laziest Journalist Inc.’s bailout funds (should a warning that Irish people sometime exaggerate be inserted here?), spending weeks tracking down the particulars might be an example of ineffective use of the resources available because even if he produced a magnificent post, that wouldn’t do much good unless or until some heavy duty main stream media reporter came along and “seconded the motion” by doing his (or her) own version of the story.  

Odds are that they would, in the effort to spare their reader’s any wasted time, not mention where or how they learned about the story and thus the net effect for the lone blogger who got the ball rolling, would be a negative cash flow and a warm feeling of accomplishment that only he could enjoy.

The other option is to make a limited effort to track down the particulars of the Tenants Association case and get some interviews (we’ve never visited someone in county jail) while having a grand old time writing columns about some of the interesting folks he has met while staying in the Hostel California.   (The alternative headline for this column would have been:  Postcard from the Hostel California.)

Among the guests at the hostel are:  a kiwi  from Amsterdam working on a documentary film about basketball, a musician from Houston, an excellent guitarist from Berlin, soccer fans from Great Britain, and a couple from Fremantle. 

When the fellow who is writing this column grew tired of Los Angeles, he took some of the money from his Gonzo Grant from the Hunter S. Thompson Foundation, packed up, and traveled half way around the world and wound up sitting in Gloria Jean’s Coffee shop in Fremantle.  At the Hostel in Venice, Ca., he met Andrew “Goldfish” Meredith, who had become bored with his hometown and so he traveled half way around the world to see new and exciting things such as: Hollywood Blvd. and the Venice Beach.  When he asked the World’s Laziest Journalist if he had ever heard of Perth, the reply was “Do you ever go to Mojo’s in Fremantle?”  It turns out that Goldfish lives within walking distance of that music venue.  Does that provide enough material for a great “The grass is always greener . . .” column or what?

Getting back to the Marina Tenant’s Association and their lawyer, the best we can do is issue a call for backup and see if someone (Madigan?  Steve at Playboy? Kim’s husband?  One of the teacher-advisors at the Daily Bruin?  The assignment editor at the New York Times?) who reads this column can get a chance to do all the digging necessary to see if this is just a bit of exaggerated, misunderstood legal paperwork mumbo-jumbo or if there is indeed a lawyer who is being held as a political prisoner in a country where that’s never supposed to happen.

Fred Allen said “Los Angeles is a fine place to live – if you happen to be an orange.”

Meanwhile, it’s going to be hot as blazes in L. A. today, the Venice beach will be a tourist magnate, and the folks at <a href =></a> will be anxious to get some assistance publicizing their next “open track” event, so it’s time to have the disk jockey play Randy Newman’s “I Love L. A.” and we’ll head out to the beach.  Have a week that will make you scream:  “Cowabonga, dude, it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Running on empty

April 15, 2009

We try to have some interesting items that are unique.  As far as we can tell there wasn’t much elsewhere on the Internet about the disappearance of the SF Police Chief in 1908.  We went to the S. F. Public Library to get the item.

Unfortunately we can’t come up with stuff like that every day. 

We wrote a column for Smirking Chimp about the tunnels under Venice California.  There was some other stuff, but we thought the info about the guy who wrote the newspaper story about them back in the seventies helped enliven the column.

Over the weekend we saw a red 37 cacillac sedan in SF, but we didn’t have our camera handy.

Perhaps it’s time to start concentrating on selling T-shirts and making some  money rather than trying to scoop the New York times with items that don’t really matter?

Item for Faezel (from Freo)

March 29, 2009

It hardly seems efficitent to post a new item just for one reader, but since we do it that way for photos, here goes:

We’ve met a journalist from Sweeden in Sacramento.  He blogs in Sweedish and the only person we know who reads Sweedish is Faezel from Freo so here is the URL for the guy’s blog

Let’s hope I got it right.

Maybe Skippy will link to us?

March 25, 2009

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has dozens of links on his site

so maybe,  since we went back and found that because of what was said at Nuremberg, the debate over the existence or non-existence of the WMD’s was a red herring, because any unprovoked invasion is a crime against peace” and since we blogged about traveling in Australia, and since we write for Smirking Chimp and they list Skippy on their list of blogs, then maybe, just maybe, he’ll add us to his impressive list of links?

Blogger from Denmark

March 25, 2009

At the hostel, today, we met a young lady from Denmark who is in San Francisco and studying English.  She blogs in Danish and plans to switch to English.  Here is the link

Hope it works.  If not try adding the www bit

We meant to suggest to  her she should post dual entries and write one in Danish and the practice her English by reposting her own translation of her own Danish entry.  That way she could build up a dual audience.

To lazy to steal

March 5, 2009

On days when we can’t come up with a blog entry we could go to one of the books from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader – here’s their URL

and steal something interesting, but we don’t have one of their books handy right now, so all we can do is urge you to buy one (some) of their books.