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For old gas pump collectors

May 24, 2009

For our other blog where we post photos that are mostly car-spotting and car-oriented,

we used a photo of an old gas station that has old Gimore Gas Pumps.  When we looked around online, we found a site for folks who are interested in collecting and restoring old gas pumps.

Growing up in Scranotn, PA, there was a store (plumbing supply?) with a gas pump out in front.  It was just “there.”  It was old and unused back in the late Fifties.  It was (as best as we can recall) very close to the corner of Washington and New York Street.  Is that old gas pump still there?

Tracking down first car crash in USA

May 16, 2009

Cars are bound to smack into each other.  We’ve heard that the first automobile collision in the USA happened when there were only four cars.  Two (reportedly) crashed into each other in St. Louis in 1896.

We’ve tried and tried to do fact checking on this on the Internets, but have failed to find any mention of such an accident.  Was the initial report bogus?  Is the information on the Internets hiding from us somewhere on the Internets?

To see photos of smashed up expensive cars in more recent accidents try Wrecked Exotics on-line at:

We’ll continue fact-finding.  If anyone has verifiable information about the first car vs.  car accident in the USA please post a comment.  Thank you.