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10-Q for Mike

May 22, 2009

After an influx of new visiters via a link on Mike’s Blog Roundup on the Crooks and Liars web site

we wanted to send him a 10 – Q (i.e. Thank you) message.  The new visitors had us a bit intimidated because we wanted to post something unique on the next day (today) to show any return customers that we can come up with stuff that won’t look like it came from the Internets Hall of Mirrors type content.  On such short notice the best we could find was that there is very little mention on-line of the Arizona Night Club that operated in Budapest before Word War II.

There were one or two places where prints of  photos taken in the Arizona could be purchased, but not much else about the joint itself.

One of the photos didn’t even mention that it had been published in LIFE magazine.

Welcome, new visitors!