A coincidence for liberals?

The fact that the Smirking Chimp website could run out of funding on the last day of September is not without a heavy dose of irony for James Dean fans because of the symbolism of the death of a voice of nonconformity.  James Dean’s death, <a href =http://www.jamesdeanmemorialjunction.com/>on a remote highway on September 30, 1955, near Cholame CA</a>, put a crimp in the rebel image that was popular during the mid-Fifties and if Smirking Chimp runs out of funds, that would diminish even more the limited amount of anticonservative voices being heard in contemporary American culture and might be seen by some staunch Republicans as the removal of the last voice of objection protesting the fact that Jeb Bush is the Bush family heir apparent and their main hope for a restoration of the Bush Dynasty.  They might perceive the death of Smirking Chimp as a green light for Jeb.  Most pundits seem to think that Jeb Bush has as much chance of winning in November of 2012, as Jett Rink (James Dean) had in the movie Giant of striking oil. 

Do liberal Democrats really expect Fox news to point out that the expected Republican majority in the House and Senate for the next two years may be part of a coordinated plan to deliver the Republican Presidential nomination and 2012 win to one specific Republican candidate?  Fox will be content to infer that a generic Republican candidate may benefit from Republican guerrilla war in the legislative branch of government, but does any intelligent analyst, looking at the situation in the Republican Party, think that Karl Rove has worked for the Bush family since 1973 with the objective of helping Mitt Romney win the 2012 election?

Will Fox point out that the party that claims they want to reduce the size of government was the same one that permanently (and enthusiastically) added the Department of Homeland Security to the list of the government agencies swelling the national budget?

If the rookie witch and the chicken lady become U. S. Senators, will Fox feature them consistently or will Fox focus on the President’s efforts to cope with simultaneous sit down strikes in the House and Senate?  Either way they will be distracting voters and obscuring legitimate news topics with tangential news of questionable quality.  Would Fox frame obstreperous Republicans as “bad sports” or would they be hailed as modern equivalents of the rebellious colonialists who became America’s founding fathers?  Will Fox use the phrase “Triumph of the Will” in any reports about Republican obstructionism? 

Didn’t Fox News contribute to a fund for Republican candidates running for the Senate?  What are the odds that Fox will, in an effort to promote a lively debate about national issues, contribute to the Smirking Chimp fund raising effort?

For liberals to ignore the distinct possibility that Jeb will be elected President in 2012 is like living in Concordia Kansas and dismissing tornados as just another way to scare kids as Halloween approaches.

There is a Hollywood legend that asserts that there is enough unused footage from the movie Giant to edit together a sequel.  Would Jett Rink (James Dean) use Texas oil money to fuel a successful bid to become a U. S. Senator? 

What are the chances that in the next two years, Fox News will advise anyone who fears the possibility that Jeb Bush will be declared (2000 style?) the winner of the 2012 Presidential election, to read Hans Fellada’s 1932 novel “Little Man, What Now?”  Forewarned is forearmed. 

This columnist may be the only person seriously unnerved by the idea that Jeb will be inaugurated in January of 2013, but the idea is just as much a conviction as was the certainty that Joe Nameth and the Jets would manage a win over Johnny Unitas and the Colts.  This time, however, we will enlist the aid of a colleague in Great Britain to get a wager with good odds down before the long shot candidate becomes more of an even-money bet.

A country which continually boasts that one of its main strong points is freedom of speech might seem a bit hypocritical if it lets an outlet for expressions of dissention fail.  Did Germany in the Thirties welcome or fund any opposition points of view? 

Hans Fallada’s two greatest novels bookended the Hitler Administration and reading those two obscure literary works from the past, now, produces a chilling feeling of familiarity.

More work for less money?  In the earlier of the aforementioned novels, Hans Fallada wrote:  “Damned robbers, what do they care how people like us are to live?” 

Now the disk jockey will play “Yellow Rose of Texas,” Randy Newman’s “Mr. President (Have Pity on the Working Man),” and the Jefferson Airplane’s “Volunteers.”  We have to get back to our copy of “Every Man Dies Alone.”  Have an “I’m a rich ‘un” type week.


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