A visit to La-la Land

Report from La-la Land

(Venice CA)  Moving to Berkeley seemed like a good idea and when an opportunity to go back to Shakeytown came along, we thought that it might be a chance to do one of those ridicule L. A. columns that are a synch to bang out on the laptop while enjoying a hot white-chocolate at a café in close proximity to the Venice pier but when the recent election results were reported, it suddenly occurred to us that despite all the blasé assessments from the professional pundits about how Delaware just handed an easy Senate win to the Democrats perhaps the real La-la land in the USA will be in Washington after the mid term freshmen politicians are sworn in.

Recently the USA saw how easily a minister in Florida could command the national media’s attention (just like Balloon dad) and that makes it very easy to project what the cable news will be like if the two noteworthy Teabag Party ladies become Senators.  Does anyone think that the President can command the media’s attention if  those two media magnets are sworn in?  Obama will fade into obscurity while those two ladies take their opportunities to make Sarah Palin seem shy in comparison. 

This columnist has been kicked off the Daily Kos site because mentioning the electronic voting machines and rigged elections is considered a conspiracy theory and that is verboten on that site.

However, just for the sake of speculation, imagine that somehow with or without an assist from the electronic voting machines those two ladies win and become Senators.  If someone had expressed the desire to establish the Republican Party in a dominant role in American politics for the next one thousand years and if they wanted to set the stage for delivering a Democratic incumbent a “no hitter” shutout term in office, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to deliver an Abbot and Costello pair of Senators to distract and disrupt the second half of Obama’s first (only?) term in office?

The New York Times reported on September 14, 2010 that things were not going very smoothly in the polling places in the state of New York.  After that, it seems like the topic of election difficulties was ignored by the mainstream media.  If they won’t take time to give the public a heads-up for the potential for a very tumultuous bit of media circus as serious journalism, then we will.  The World’s Laziest Journalist prides himself on delivering off-beat ideas and insights.  Anyone who wants boring but pedantic assessments can find them without much effort. 

Are Americans getting sick of unexpected election results that the highly paid professionals can not adequately explain?  The cliché about “the voters have once again embarrassed the polling companies with results that were not predicted.”  After a bunch of time hearing that shouldn’t people be asking:  “WTF”?  Shouldn’t someone write a column about Learning to love unexplained phenomenon? 


People seem to be getting used to the “unexpected upset” election results just like folks who live in La-la Land get used to the unusual aspects of their home town and get upset when visitors (mostly from New York City) arrive and start spewing out “reporting live” material that focuses on the weird and whacky feature stories that abound in Hollyweird.

You want that too?

We were a bit surprised to see a gas station on the north west corner of Lincoln and Rose., in the Venice section of L. A., that featured mirrors so that the customers at the self serve pumps could check out their hair-do.  Don’t people in Scranton know that you have to look your very best always in a town where a person (even a columnist?) could bump into a casting director at any moment?  Folks in Berkeley might point out that if a person pumping gas wanted to see themselves in a mirror, they could (most likely) use the one on the driver side of their vehicle.  It’s not the same.  A mirror where you can stand up straight and tall and see how the hair-do is doing in the wind, is a valuable public service.  Bending over to use the car mirror distorts reality. 

We took a photo but may not be able to get it posted on <a href =http://floppyphotos.wordpress.com>our photo blog</a> by the time this column is posted.

A few minutes later, at the same location, we noticed a dumpster diver guy.  In most cities, a fellow who fishes bottles and cans from the trash may use a “borrowed” supermarket shopping cart (called a “Venice Cadillac in this famous beach area) but we were surprised to see a fellow pull up in a golf cart to collect his treasures from the trash bins.  Where else can such a dumpster diver achieve such panache? 

The saying in L. A. is:  “Go big; or go home.”

Since the last time we strolled the Vencie Beach something new has been added to fashion conscious Southern California.

What is your doggie wearing this season?  In Venice, they can choose elegant shoes, clothes and accessories.  Does your mutt refuse to dress up while strolling along Lackawanna Avenue in Scranton?  Hasn’t watching several seasons of “The Office” taught you anything about how style is everything in Tinseltown?

Hasn’t watching Parenthood hipped Berkeley to trendy fashions even for the middle class dogs?

We took photos of the array offered by the Vendor on the Ocean Front Walk, but were unable to find the website for Doggie Fashion by Sue.

Los Angeles never fails to deliver for the journalist looking for a way to spin it as a town that reminds some cynics of a bowl a granola but the real La-la Land story could well be a Senate with an electronic voting machine assisted pair of wins for two very distinctive politicians.  What if Alvin Greene wins a Senate seat also?

Washington may well soon be positioned to challenge Los Angeles for the right to be called La-la Land.  It sure looks to this conspiracy theory advocate that Washington will soon make the Marx brothers’ movies look tame in comparison.  If that happens, don’t say we didn’t give you a heads-up a full month before the mid term elections were held.

Dorothy Parker said:  “Los Angeles is 72 suburbs in search of a city.”

Now the disk jockey will play “I Love L.A.,” “L. A. Woman,” and the theme music from Dragnet.  We gotta go try the burgers at “The Counter.”  Have a “that’s a wrap!” type week.  This is the World’s Laziest Journalist reporting live from the Cow’s End Coffee House (where we take fiendish delight in provoking conservative trolls by using the Imperial “we”!).

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