Head for the lifeboats?


As the 2010 Labor Day Weekend approaches, an impulse to write another column about the impending ambush of democracy by the electronic voting machines reminded the writer of the initial efforts of the crew of the Titanic to get passengers into the lifeboats.  The members of the crew strenuously urged the passengers to get into the lifeboats, but their efforts were largely ignored.  Is an entertaining and amusing column better than yet another tirade about the horrible nasty possibilities inherent in the electronic voting machines?

One prominent liberal website considers any trepidations about the possibilities of an ambush by electronic voting machines as conspiracy lunacy and totally unacceptable. 

Apparently it isn’t neighborly to assume that if the Republicans could rig the elections; they would.  It seems that the liberals want to give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt until such time as Republican majority in the House and Senate impeach Obama.  Until then, “be nice.”  O.K.  Fine.  We’ll do just that and use the Titanic reference to transition to a less contentious topic.

The Titanic was the first ship to use the Morris code for S, O, and S again as a distress signal and so some recent promotional efforts for San Francisco radio station KCBS on the AM dial, got us to wondering if <a href =


>KCBS is 100 years old</a> as they claim, did they broadcast voices or did they do the 1910 traffic reports in Morris code?  If they could broadcast voices, whey couldn’t the Titanic radio man yell:  “Help!”?

We contacted the radio station and learned that the century old radio station started with efforts by a guy named <a href =http://www.charlesherrold.org/

>Charles Herrold</a> in San Jose that offered the public information and music daily from 1908 to 1917.

After getting that entertaining bit of information, we wondered about the weather reports for <a href =http://bumbershoot.org/fresh/2010/06/music-lineup-2/

>the Labor Day Weekend Bumbershoot Music Festival in Seattle</a>. 

Thinking about that reminded us that recently we learned about another interesting bit of news emanating from the state of Washington, about folks who are looking for <a href =http://www.uslhs.org/resources_be_a_keeper.php

>people who want to run a lighthouse</a>.  Maybe if the Democrats score a landslide reaffirming their mandate in the November elections, this columnist might want to hide out for a year or so in a remote location such as a lighthouse.

That, in turn, reminded us that the efforts to get the Marina (del Rey) Tenant Association lawyer out of jail have still not achieved their goal of setting Richard Fine free.

Speaking of innocent people being in jail, that reminded us that President Obama seems to still be willing to let George W. Bush play his “stay out of jail” card.

Is George W. Bush getting an additional break by the tight budget constrictions?  During the Great Depression, the government funded some efforts at writing and taking photos recording the historical event as it was happening.  One of the pictures taken by Dorothea Lang became an icon for the miserable decade.  Where are the historians and photojournalists during the Bush debacle? 

If the future is supposed to depend on bloggers to chronicle the misery of the post-Dubya era; good luck!  Accounting departments around the world are satisfied to let amateurs replace skilled professionals, but the end product might be inferior. 

Do bloggers have the funds to sustain an effort to record what’s happening in America now?  Only an independently wealthy dilettante would have the funds to go off on an exploration of the USA for an extended length of time.   Back in the Thirties, journalists such as Ernie Pyle, were commissioned by their employer to go out among the people and report what they saw and heard.  Do you seriously expect Fox to commission such a venture?  Their reporters went to the Gulf for the oil spill and asked:  “Where’s the oil?” 

If Fox sends the new Geraldo Rivera out to the rust belt, wouldn’t his boss require him to stand in the midst of an abandoned factory, look directly at the camera, and ask:  “Where’s this Bush Depression we keep hearing about?”?

The Republicans have the opportunity to seize control with doctored electronic voting machine results.  They have the motivation; their hatred of Obama and their love of giving millionaires tax cuts.  They have the opportunity; polls show them holding an unexplained sudden edge.  So why wouldn’t they adhere to the old <I>carpe diem</a> philosophy and seal the deal?  Is there such a thing as Weimar Republicans?  Don’t the real Republicans want to see a restoration drama with a return of a member of the Bush family to the White House?  Didn’t the Weimar Republicans endorse the idea of letting a dictator run the country?

Wait, just a darn minute!  This column is supposed to amuse and entertain. 

On Wednesday, we spotted a column on Huff-Po <a herf =http://www.huffingtonpost.com/stefan-beck/tiki-drinks-cocktails-culture_b_698358.html>by Stefan Beck about the Tiki culture</a>.  He didn’t mention that the Tiki bar fad started in Oakland.  He didn’t mention Tiki literature.  He didn’t do much except throw Tiki food references around.

This columnist just happens to know a fellow (former co-worker at the Santa Monica Outlook) who knows all about Tiki culture and who throws Tiki-themed parties that have been featured in a cover story in the L. A. Weekly.

Maybe we should pitch “The Nation” on a trend-spotting story?

Whatever!  Ready or not, here comes the Labor Day Weekend.

It may turn out that H. L. Mencken played the “John the Baptist” role for the Teabaggers Party because he said:  “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Now the disk jockey will play Don Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles,” Martin Denny’s “Quiet Village,” and Spike Jone’s “Hawiian War Chant.”  We have to go look for some used books by <a href =http://www.rdfsociety.com/>Robert Dean Frisbie</a>.  Have a “Life is a Cabaret, old chum!” type week.


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