Is it 1984 again already?

Before writing this column, it seemed prudent to do some fact checking.  We intended to start with a reference to a Republican talking point about the statute of limitations for war crimes imposing a shrinking window of opportunity for any war crimes trial for George W. Bush.  Repeated Google searches confirmed that he had been President and some Nazis had been tried for war crimes.  Our recollection of talking points about a statute of limitations for war crimes continued to elude our Google searches.  That, in turn, reminded us of Orwell’s 1984; “And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed – if all records told the same tale – then the lie passed into history and became truth.” 

We had intended to use a specific quote about Bush racing against the statute of limitations as the basis for this column, but since we don’t have access to Lexis/Nexis; we couldn’t find any such quote and so it becomes an exercise in futility. 

We had intended to ridicule the concept that there is a statue of limitations for war crimes.  If such a concept had been cited as the Bush term in office drew to a close, then America’s free press would have pointed out the absurdity of the idea, wouldn’t they . . .  or is the concept of a free press a false memory?

When both CBS TV and the New York Times ran items about Jeb Bush recently, it was immediately followed by a Chris Wallace reference to the possibility of a third member of the Bush White House dynasty.  That, in turn, reminded this columnist that there is an unrelenting avalanche of pro-Bush propaganda that is cheerfully dumped on a (mostly) unsuspecting audience of gullible rubes by the alleged “free press.” 

If Jeb is going to be the next President, why bother to write a column about the possibility of war crimes committed by a member of the Bush family?

“This process of continuous alteration was applied not only to newspapers, but to books, periodicals, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, films, sound tracks, cartoons, photographs – to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance.”  After 9-11, there were some unsubstantiated reports that movies containing shots with the World Trade Center twin tower buildings were altered and the buildings eliminated from the images.

Could Jeb be elected President while the New York Time refrained from once mentioning the Broward Savings and Loan facet of the Bush Family History?  Didn’t they recently admit that they <a href =>didn’t call waterboarding torture</a> because of a Bush Family edict?  Isn’t it reasonable to assume if they voluntarily submitted once to the Bush Editorial Guidelines, they’d do it again?  (and again . . . and again . . . and again . . .?)

We had a recnet chat with a fellow, Gentle Waters, who covered some of Berkeley’s most famous protests for the now defunct Berkeley Barb weekly newspaper.  He agreed that using the electronic voting machines would facilitate the return of the Bush dynasty to the White House. 

Did the soldiers in WWII fight to establish such a mockery of democracy in action?  At the same time we met the former member of the Barb staff, we came across a 1945 copy of “The Best From YANK The Army Weekly” and were astonished to find that at least one solider specifically said he was against that future phenomenon.  In a poem titled “A Plea to the Post-War Planners, T/Sgt. Philip Reisman USMC wrote (E. P. Dutton & Co hardback p-97):  “ . . . I’ve little use for synthesized soup, or operas (soapy) televised, or trips to Mars in Roman candles, or caskets trimmed with Lucite handles, or wireless ballots for brainless voters, or Buicks with transparent motors . . .”

Here’s a difficult question for a conservative.  Ask: “Will George W. Bush use the statute of limitations to avoid a War Crimes Trial?”  It assumes that Bush was a war criminal and just narrows the focus down to a binary choice:  will he or won’t he skate?  Wouldn’t the concept of a statute of limitations for war crimes give Adolph Eichmann a good laugh? 

When George W. Bush stepped down from the Presidency, some references were made about time running out for any War Crime Trials.  The collaborators in the “free press” kept a straight face and refused to ask the antagonistic question about “Where did you get the absurd notion that war crimes have a statute of limitations?”  Instead they just pass along the phony Republican talking point and essentially become accessories after the fact for the war crimes. 

Chris Wallace will be remembered for being the first to speculate about a Jeb presidency, but the big opportunity for a “journalist” to shamelessly suck up to the Bush family and win brownie points will come this fall after the electronic voting machines are used to prime the pump for a Jeb win in 2012 by giving a Republican majority to both the House and the Senate.  Who will be the first “journalist” to anoint Jeb as the frontrunner? 

Won’t the fellow, who sets the precedence for the rest of the media to meekly follow, get “mega-dittos” praise for his valiant effort to do the John the Baptist routine for the Jebster? 

Would it be good marketing to call the younger Bush Dubya’s Big Brother as a way of reinforcing the dynasty meme?

Since Jeb was the governator of Florida, isn’t there ample opportunity now for him to step up to the network microphones and criticize President Obama for the oil spills that are arriving at the various Florida beaches this summer?  Couldn’t the sycophant “free press” skip over the process of the coronation of Jeb as front runner and cut right to crafting Jeb’s image as the leading spokesman for the Republican Party? 

A journalist might point out that it would be odd to have Jeb blaming Obama for a policy of dispensing with oversight and regulation that was instituted by George W. Bush, but there is precious little danger of a bonafide journalist saying anything about a member of the Bush family that isn’t pure unadulterated admiration.  Only the lunatics known as extreme left bloggers can say anything that smacks of disrespect for the Bush dynasty and they are merely tolerated as if they are America’s official crazy uncle.

For cynical columnists the summer of 2010 may be remembered as being similar to the minutes at a Rolling Stone concert when the audience’s collective nerves are stretched to the breaking point as they wait for Bill Graham to come on stage and say the magic incantation:  “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about to happen . . . .”  Just like a concert featuring the greatest Rock and Roll band, America will, this summer, work themselves into a frenzy of anticipation as “America’s next President” sits in the green room and waits for the paperless trail electronic voting machines to do their job.  A Republican majority in the House and Senate will be installed this fall.  Jeb will be anointed “frontrunner.”  He’ll be elected in 2012 and the restoration of the Bush dynasty will be complete. 

The compliant “free press” can do their part by beseeching Jeb for a statement about the arrival of the oil spill on Florida’s beeches and not blink an eye when his unbiased assessment is:  “It’s all Obama’s fault.”

Orwell predicted:  “The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that a past or future agreement with him was impossible.”  Hence an endless war is not just inevitable; it is the ultimate goal.  Isn’t it obvious that Jeb will do a better job than Obama when he takes the helm as commander-in-chief?  The inauguration of a member of a dynasty will convey the proper image for thinking of the fighting for the pipeline in Afghanistan as an endless process that will be passed from generation to generation and not a passing fade.

Marty McFly said:  “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”  He forgot to add that if a member of the Bush family puts his mind to it and if that is augmented by the paper trail-less electronic voting machines; it’s a “gimme.

For those who think that electronic voting machines shouldn’t be a <I>daily cause</I> for concern, maybe they should call the Mike Malloy radio program this week and ask guest host Brad Friedman, if such concern is a bit of “Duckly Lucky” alarmism in action or not.

Perhaps it was Barbara Bush who expressed the Bush family political philosophy when she said:  “This is working out quite well for them; isn’t it?”

Now the disk jockey will play the 1984 hits:  “Ghostbusters,”  “Karma Chameleon” and “Church of the Poison Mind.”  We have to go road test the new Flux Capacitor.  Have a “thought crime” free type week.


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