Missing “The Big Story”

Once upon a time, boys and girls, crusading journalists were considered heroes and there was one TV series that presented the stories of those valiant American newspaper reporters who fought a never ending battle for truth, the American Way, and Justice.  The typical episode of NBC’s program Pall Mall’s “The Big Story” would tell about a reporter who would spend hours and hours digging into a jailbird’s plea asserting that he was innocence and that justice had gone haywire. 

The newsie might even work on his own time and spend some of his own funds in an attempt to clear a falsely accused prisoner. 

[Back then it sometimes happened that one particular company would sponsor a show and only that company would run ads during “their” program.  Firestone tires had a program that featured classical music.  It made celebrities out of people like Eugene Ormandy and Arturo Toscanini.  Now, of course, Fox has refined the public’s music taste via the critical comments of Simon Cowl and a symphony orchestra in prime time on one of the three main TV networks is a preposterous concept.]

Recently the use of DNA evidence (which couldn’t convict O. J. Simpson) has been used to clear so many falsely convicted people (mostly brothers?) that if “The Big Story” were to return it might have to be run on a daily basis and not be just a weekly program.

Reporters who hope to be featured on “The Big Story” are too late.  It’s gone.  They are SOL.  The best they can get is a Pulitzer Prize. 

If there are any empty handed reporters out there looking for a crusade to wage, they might want to do some Google searches about the imprisonment of Attorney Richard Fine in Los Angeles County Men’s Jail.  He hasn’t been charged with a crime, let alone convicted.  Could the Richard Fine story be an example of a Pulitzer Prize waiting to be won?  Blogs aren’t eligible for Pulitzers are they?  So, have at it guys.  This blogger is more interested in doing a Blimp vs. Zepplin grudge match type story just for the pure hell of it.

Republicans are trying to make a few legal maneuvers so that concerned citizens will never have to be puzzled about if, how, or why an American can be in jail without a pending trial or sentence to serve.  Yep!  If the John McCain (and others) sponsored measure (S3081) is passed, Americans can rest assured that, in the future, any American who is thrown in jail with a right of <em>haebius corpus</em> will have no right to bitch about being deprived of an inalienable right because it will be all legal and proper to toss some dissenters in the can and let cobwebs grow on the lock.  Hah!  Hunter Thompson, you died too soon. 

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Edward R. Murrow has said:  “I am persuaded that the American public is more reasonable, restrained and mature that most of the broadcast industry’s planners believe.”  Boy, would Glenn Beck have made mincemeat of that cigarette smoking guy or what?

Now, the disk jockey will play for all the future victims of S3081:  “The Long Black Veil,” “Tom Dooley,” and “In the Tijuana Jail.”  We gotta go post bail for a pal.  Have “Thank God Almighty Free at last!” type week.


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