Why a duck?

The week of March 15 to 21 will be remember as the week that the Republican Party came closest to meeting their goal of making national politics look like a Marx Brothers movie.

On Tuesday, March 16, it was learned that the 9-11 commission was launched with its feet hobbled.  The vile Democrats have restarted a whisper campaign suggesting that a full investigation of the Bush Administration would uncover blowjobs (but no perjury) and thus the questioning of the veracity of the explanation for the attack on the World Trade Center was of no more importance than a full investigation by the Warren Commission.  [The Republicans perceive the election of President Obama as a move backwards and to the Left.] Hey, building 7 just sorta fell down.  Get over it.

On Wednesday on Mike Malloy’s radio show, he seemed to be the only Liberal voice who was concerned with the ramifications of a new proposed law S3081.  Malloy made it seem like the Republican lawmakers were trying to emulate the Nazi strategy called Gleichschaltung.  Hey, Mike, what’s the old Sixties saying?  Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!

Speaking of the <em>right of habeous corpus</em>, here is a legal question:  If a man (such as attorney Richard Fine) is put in coercive custody and held in Los Angeles County Men’s Jail for over a year (you can’t serve a term longer than one year, but Fine hasn’t been not been charged or convicted of any crime so he isn’t serving a term and therefore not subject to the one year limitation) and if the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the U. S. Supreme Court ignore his case (he hasn’t been charged with a crime) can he be freed by a Presidential Pardon?  (We direct your responses to the comments section below.)

Mike Malloy also recently reported that a movement to privatize government subsidized fire extinguishing services is being started.  Will that reignite the Teabaggers’ enthusiasm?  Who wants municipal fire departments coming on their property uninvited and searching homes for flames without a search warrant?

On Thursdy, March 18, the Republicans objected strenuously to the Health Care Reform bill on the basis of fiscal responsibility.  They can give war a blank check to cover the costs of killing millions in the Middle East, but they just can’t sanction spending money to provide health care for any American who isn’t a millionaire.  (Why a duck?)

Friday meant breaking out a birthday cake for the search for WMD’s in Iraq.  It seems that the Democrats are advocating sounding retreat before the war’s goal is achieved.

Saturday the Republicans staged a reenactment of the ugly racists’ scenes that prompted the passage of civil rights legislation in the Sixties.  The Democrats tried to besmirch the Republican street theater event for being too realistic. 

Sunday March 21, 2010 the Republicans stood together in resolute solidarity and thus scored a better “one for all and all for one” grade than did the defenders of the Alamo (Louis M. Rose was the one defector).

After a week like that, a columnist has to wonder what lessons the Republicans teach their kids.  Do they want the kids to be just like them and treat parental dictates as a challenge to be discredited, refuted, ignored and surmounted or do they sanction an inconsistency and revert to the commandment that requires unquestioned obedience to parents?

Suppose a Republican kid is grounded.  Should he (Republican daughters know who wears the pants in the house) use the Jim Bunning response?  Should he treat his family to a reenactment of the repudiation of Hollywood that James Dean is alleged to have committed?  (In Hollywood mythology James Dean is supposed to have urinated all over a “Rebel Without a Cause” set.)

(If you think this sounds like a John Stewart rant; your wrong because this columnist doesn’t own a TV set.)

How difficult is it to imagine that a Republican proudly proclaiming:  “Today, I shot a terrorist in my pajamas; how he got there I’ll never know.”

Groucho has said:  “Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”  Didn’t the Republicans apply that philosophy to the Health Care Reform bill?

Now, the disk jockey will play “Hooray for Captain Spaulding,” “Helter Skelter,” and “The Yellow Brick Road” song.  We will head out for a local party celebrating the Republicans’ ability to get the Health Care Reform bill passed despite the opposition of the Democratic majority in the legislature.  Have a “man upon the stairs” type week.


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