Awards Surprise?

Speaking of unexpected winners, over the weekend this columnist saw the just released movie “An Education” because of the rash of reviews suggesting that Carey Mulligan’s portrayal of a 16 year old school girl, Jenny, who has an affair with an older man, should earn her a nomination for the Best Actress Oscar.  We concur with the extremely enthusiastic reviews.   She does a superb job in a film which delivers a memorable cinematic experience.

Unfortunately, it seems likely that when the Oscar nominations are announced, most Americans are going to say:  “I missed that movie.”  That will cause them to question the motivation of the Academy voters for selecting an obscure acting job.  The Oscars are not a popularity contest, nor are they meant to be awards for selling the most number of tickets in the previous year.

Does a young person deserve the nomination because of accomplishment or is the expectation that Ms. Mulligan will deliver marvelous performances in the future reason enough to nominate her for the next Best Actress Oscar?

If any patriotic conservative Republican Christians do see “An Education,” they may voice strenuous objections about letting anyone else see a story of illicit love, which will bring up a delicious bit of curious misdirected attempts to promote public morality. 

Rush Limbaugh and other well paid guardians of public morality and enthusiastic advocates of war crimes will blithely see a duty to shut down an entertainment which subtly advocates letting individuals make their own decisions about selecting sex partners at a time when the country in which the film is playing is almost a decade into a war that was based on some misperceptions and might drag on in the unwinable mode for quite some time.

Could it be that these well meaning hypocrites know that since they might be able to shut down the movie but that since the liberals will never convince politicians to shutdown a war that can’t be won, the conservative prudes might as well prove their potency by taking whatever victory they can achieve and let the liberals grumble?

It’s not like the Republicans have established an unblemished record of living up to their vows of fidelity, isn’t it more like a golden opportunity to display the psychological phenomenon known as projection?  They can accuse the degenerate Democrats of nurturing horrible, despicable tendencies to lewd and lascivious conduct, which they themselves can not control in their own lives.  Such a move is very therapeutic for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that conservative Christians love being able to use Democrats as scapegoats, thus avoiding the necessity for confessing their own sins.

Isn’t it odd that a movie about love can be condemned and a war involving needless slaughter of civilians goes mostly unnoticed?

Recently the Nobel Prize committee made it even more necessary to find a new topic to divert public attention away from the war because they gave the prestigious award to the American President (is he the first to win while still in office?) mostly for the reason that such a move would hold up to world wide ridicule the fellow who instigated two wars.  President Obama inherited those two wars when he took office and hence faces a bigger than usual challenge regarding efforts to establish Peace, worldwide fellowship of man, and a reduction of the level of nuclear armament in the world.

So, in a world full of war, a movie about love which doesn’t meet the war mongers’ standard of morality will be harshly received if they notice it.

So, what else is new?

We saw “An Education” at a mall in Los Angeles that had a movie arcade that specializes in attract the audience that prefers “art house” type movies.  While we were walking out we came across some activists from a group that fights puppy mills, so, since we couldn’t fork over a large $ grant to help them, we promised to run a plug for bestfriends dot org because, as we noted, back in our days at Lake Tahoe we were part owner of Sigfied L. von Richthofen, the greatest dog who ever lived. 

Siggy set a standard that will never be equaled, but that doesn’t mean that folks should feel free to patronize puppy mill outlets in their efforts to find a modern day companion who can at least come close?

Actor comedian W. C. Fields is often credited with being the source for the quote “anybody who hates kids and dogs can’t be all bad.”

Now, while the disk jockey plays Patti Page’s song, “How Much is that Doggie in the Window,” we’ll mush on out of here.  Have a “win the Iditarod” type week.


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