Who reads this sss. . . stuff?

We’ve been threatening to buy a computer notebook or lap top so that we can post more stuff more often because sometimes, while traveling on the road (It seems we didn’t post one entry while we were in Kalgoorlie Western Australia) getting access to a computer is tough. 

We might have already spent the price of a laptop on the computer time we’ve paid for while “on the road.”

Fans of Albert Camus might appreciate a guy going to Fremantle (Western Australia) and taking a photo of the Bon Scott statue for about 50 different hits world wide, but at times it does seem like the blogger is going overboard in his embrace of the Absurdism philosophy.

Recently my pal “Jersey Bill,” who is often the target audience for the photos of cars that we post over on the other blog, said that he rarely looks at our blog(s).  He will click the link if we send him one (as when we post a photo just for him) but the rest of the time he’s “too busy.”

That leads us to wonder:  Who reads my blog?

Are all the hits one time visits from folks who found something they wanted to read about and then they never come back?  Are there any regulars?  We did get one comment from someone who said she got a kick out this blog.  (Thanks for the encouragement.)  Does any member of my posse read this regularly?  Why, when we ask the audience a question (such as an attempt to find out who was “Comet radio” playing country songs at night in Australia), doesn’t any one answer?  We thought the Internet was more “interactive” than just touch and go landings. 

So we ask:

Who are these people?

Who reads this blog?

Does anyone read it regularly?

Who is “comet radio”?


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