The Internet as a Super-Sales Tool

In Australia tourism is promoted by the Australian National Travel Association which publishes a magazine called Walkabout or Walkabout Australia.

We tried to look them up via Google.

We get all kinds of suggested site where all kinds of things for sale are featured such as rare posters from teh Australian National Travel Association.  I don’t want to buy a poster.  I want to find their web site and write them an e-mail. 

I’ve got a book with a snail mail address for them.  The information is about 45 years old, but it is better than I can do on the Internet(s).  I thought the Internets were supposed to be the information highway and not a sales tool.

It’s like Ned Kelly said:  “Such is life.”  Forget about learning useful information; buy something! ! !

If you see their web site please post the URL in a comment.  Thank you.


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