King of the Alamanac Bloggers

Occasionally, this blog mentions what is being celebrated on various days.  For instance, today is National Conscientious Objectors Day (Tomorrow just happens to b e Mass Graves Day in Iraq), but to learn that today is also National Chocolate Chip Day as well as NASCAR Day we had to go to the blog done by a disk jockey in the Texarkana area called “The Flying Dutchman.”  He is the King of Almanac Bloggers and we will never be able to attain his level of proficiency.  All we can do is run a link to his site

Tomorrow he will have an excellent amount of information about May 16. 

What will we have on this blog tomorrow?  Who knows? 

We once had a supervisor tell us that being the boss of us was a challenge because he could never predict with certainty what I would do.  I think he may read this blog.  Tune in tomorrow to see what the post will be, because at this point we have no preconceived notions at all.  (We might run an item about the development of Isis, the unmanned radar blimp [you could look it up on the Internets], but since we just mentioned it, that would spoil the surprise, so it won’t be about that.


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