Why not . . . ?

There is a book of police mug shots out and that prompted us to come up with a suggestion:

Since many of the best star’s booking mug shots come from the camera used by the Malibu station for the L. A. County Sherrif, why don’t they (at the next civic charity fund raising event) take photos with that camer for a fee that  would help build the total take.  Many of the people who live in Malibu would get a perverse kick out of helping a worthy cause and being imoratalized by the very same camera that took the (world famous?) picutre of Mel Gibson when he was booked at the Malibu substation.

Too bad Andy Warhol isn’t still alive so that he could put his “take” on the famous mug shots, eh?

If the Los Angeles Sherrif’s Dept could cut throught the paperwork and actually to this bit of charity fund raising, who wouldn’t want to get one for placing over their mantel? 

(Note:  the famous mug shot of Gary Busey


may have been taken with another camera.)


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