Movie Script Pitch (Based on a true story)

I’ve found out about this “true story” in my travels and would be able to provide more details for a movie if folks want to pay me for the information and idea.  (If Bo Zenga can do it, so can I! ! !)

During World War II a woman was taken Prisoner of War.  She escaped.  She travel through an enimy country and entered a neutral country where she had to sit out the rest of the war, but not as a prisoner, just as a stranded member of the military type guest visa.

A woman POW escapes successfully?  WOW!  What act res could best be described as “the female Steve McQueen”?  Where did it happen?  More details Howie?  Send an e-mail to the world’s laziest journalist (all one word, no apostrophe, no spaces, down style) at the beloved Yahoo e-mail site for the chance to expand this pitch.

(God bless Bo Zenga!)


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