From a reporter’s notebook (in Sacramento)

Photos for the dog-off will be posted later.

The Sacramento Roller Derby team will have try-outs on Sunday April 26 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

If this reporter is still in Sacramento, we will try to cover the try-outs!


Folks in Sacramento recommend:

Funker Vogt

Porky Pinetree (apparently an American making it big in Great Britain.  Will he open for Seasick Stever or will Seasick Steve open for Porky?)

Cake (a Sacramento band making it big.)

Straight No Chaser (local acapello group)


The Bennies

For Sacramento independent scene google around for the KWOD FM (on line only?) radio station

If you like Kalgoorlie in W. A. (Western Australia) you will like Sacramento and if you like Sacramento you will like Kalgoorlie. 

(Personal note for Murilee:  lotsa great old cars for car-spotting in Sacto!)

To be continued . . .


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