Friends around the world

At the civic center hostel, I’ve just run into a couple whom I met in November at the Sydney Central Backpacker’s  Hostel. 

They are going to meet up with a friend in L. A. and then go to Fla.

After comparing notes with them – Yes they had a steak at the Bourbon (in the King’s Cross Section of Sydney) – I gave them recommendations for the USA.  The good food deals in Vegas, the air park (museum) in Pema Arizona, the cavalry museum in El Paso, the touristy stuff in Dallas, then if they have time Memphis and Nashville, New Orleans and maybe the Sebring race in Fla.,, and/or the Ringling Winter HQ.  I highly recommended the Nethercutt (car) Museum in L. A.

I recommended the Beatnik Museum for them (and the City Lights Bookstore) here in San Francisco.

I will try to get to the de Young Museum (with Warhol exhibition) today.

Life goes on (without the Bob bag).

Also have to plug the (SF) band Pullout which just came back from Europe.

Their web site is

(Hope I got that right.  Typed it out didn’t do cut and paste.)

Let the travel adventures continue . . .


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