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Get hip to Leroy Jenkins!

March 31, 2009

Fremantle (Western Australia) was where I first learned about Seasick Steve.

Sacramento will always be special, now, because it was in Sacto where I first learned about Leroy Jenkins!

Google him on Youtube (It seems I can’t copy the URL and paste it here) and folks (especially Chef Teddy) will come to know and love him.  He has inspired me to write a new column for

about his unique gonzo military style.  It seems to me that President Obama is about to use the Leroy Jenkins strategy in Afghanistan. 

Prez O. will PO the democrats by sending new troops in rather than bringing the boys home and he will PO the Republicans by not sending in enough to win.

Ya can’t please everyone, but then again Leroy Jenkins doesn’t seem to care about that.


Car Museum for Ford Fans

March 30, 2009

Who knew there was a very good car museum in Sacramento?  We noticed an iniciation on a bus map that there was an automobile museum and it took some effort to find out about it and get to it, but it was worth the effort.

The Towe Auto Museum is named for a Montana guy who had a complete Model T collection.  He was forced to sell it and this museum got much of it.  The name is being changed to California Auto Museum.

They have a wide variety of cars, but it has a great many that will appeal to Ford fans.

We took many pictures.  Some will be added to the blog much late.

The guys at LASAAC would (most likely) be very pleased by a visit to this museum and we will pass along the word about this particular car museum to them.

For more about this museum and to see their web site click to:

Item for Faezel (from Freo)

March 29, 2009

It hardly seems efficitent to post a new item just for one reader, but since we do it that way for photos, here goes:

We’ve met a journalist from Sweeden in Sacramento.  He blogs in Sweedish and the only person we know who reads Sweedish is Faezel from Freo so here is the URL for the guy’s blog

Let’s hope I got it right.

From a reporter’s notebook (in Sacramento)

March 29, 2009

Photos for the dog-off will be posted later.

The Sacramento Roller Derby team will have try-outs on Sunday April 26 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

If this reporter is still in Sacramento, we will try to cover the try-outs!


Folks in Sacramento recommend:

Funker Vogt

Porky Pinetree (apparently an American making it big in Great Britain.  Will he open for Seasick Stever or will Seasick Steve open for Porky?)

Cake (a Sacramento band making it big.)

Straight No Chaser (local acapello group)


The Bennies

For Sacramento independent scene google around for the KWOD FM (on line only?) radio station

If you like Kalgoorlie in W. A. (Western Australia) you will like Sacramento and if you like Sacramento you will like Kalgoorlie. 

(Personal note for Murilee:  lotsa great old cars for car-spotting in Sacto!)

To be continued . . .

The Dog-off

March 29, 2009

Are the hotdogs  from Harry’s in Sydney better than the ones from Capital Dawg in Sacramento Calif.? 

There was only one way to tell.  Have a “dog-off.”

The decor in the Sacramento challenger’s is all dog oriented with one exception they have a poster for the movie “The Terminator.”  WTF?

Capital has a hotdog wrapped in an American Flag out front.

They have very good french fries in Sacramento.

The No. 7 Chicago is very good. 

The clincher was the music.  On a Saturday night, they had the Sixties at Six featuring Sixties music with Cousin Brucie doing the announcing.  (Game over!) 

Harry’s does have top notch meat pies, but they didn’t witn the dog-off with Capital Dawg.

Class action law suit against the MSM?

March 25, 2009

What if folks brought a class action suit against the media that help Bush sell the war?

I wrote a column about it

Maybe Skippy will link to us?

March 25, 2009

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo has dozens of links on his site

so maybe,  since we went back and found that because of what was said at Nuremberg, the debate over the existence or non-existence of the WMD’s was a red herring, because any unprovoked invasion is a crime against peace” and since we blogged about traveling in Australia, and since we write for Smirking Chimp and they list Skippy on their list of blogs, then maybe, just maybe, he’ll add us to his impressive list of links?

Blogger from Denmark

March 25, 2009

At the hostel, today, we met a young lady from Denmark who is in San Francisco and studying English.  She blogs in Danish and plans to switch to English.  Here is the link

Hope it works.  If not try adding the www bit

We meant to suggest to  her she should post dual entries and write one in Danish and the practice her English by reposting her own translation of her own Danish entry.  That way she could build up a dual audience.

Fold-up bike

March 24, 2009

Recently we met a guy in San Francisco, who was taking a very unique fold-up bike around the world and taking pictures in those places.  We took his picture and he took our e-mail address rather than give us his.  He said he would e-mail details about his project, but so far he hasn’t sent them.

Our picture of him will be posted later, if we don’t lose track of it in the mean time.

Publicity is an elusive commodity.  The guy should have made sure that I had his e-mail address so that he could get the small bit of publicity a mention on our blog would have delivered. 

Oh well, such is life.

We will run an update if he ever gets the details back to us.

New Music to find

March 23, 2009

We ran into Rich the guitarist for Polly Scattergood, from Great Britain at the hostel in SF.  We talked music and he said Polly has a new album (he worked on it) coming out in a month or two.   We want to hear it.

Old hippies are interested in new music and not just listening to Moby Grape one more time!