Urban Legend or True Story?

Urban legend or good script idea for a “road picture”? 


Back in the Fifties, during a trip we  (probably one of the ones I made with Aunt Dorothy) made to New York City to go to the old Barnes and Nobel book store (when there was only one in the whole world) each time an new volume of Admiral Morrison’s History of U. S. Naval Operations in World War II was published), we took a cab trip and we must have asked about how far their service extended because the guy told us that during WWII, a bunch (four, five or six?) of sailors hopped into a cab and told the drive to take them to the San Diego Naval Base,  According to our informant, he cleared the trip with his dispatcher and off they went.  He didn’t seem to be “putting us on.”  He relayed it as a true incident from the war, type story.


Is that an urban legend?  If it really happened, it might make a good road picture, eh?


 If this story is based on a true incident and you know some of the details please post them in a comment.  Thanks!



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