Graffiti Sneakers

Graffiti Sneakers

Graffiti Sneakers

 [Note this posting updated on June 30, 2010.

This is probably the most popular item on our blog and so we talked to the artist again and have learned that the newest best link is

He has moved from the old location and is now working at Galaxxi Tatoo across the street at 2431 Telegraph Ave.]

Alejandro Flores makes custom hand painted sneakers using graffiti style lettering.   We noticed them in the window as we were walking by

Filthy Dripped on Telegraph Ave. (in Berkeley)

and thought that we’d found a good item for this blog.

unique shoes

unique shoes

The artist told us that he has been feature in Rolling Stones magazine (dang! there goes our “scoop”!  Oh well, maybe Vogue will read our blog and steal this item from us and not from Jann Wenner’s publication.



Fashion items do seem to bring a goodly number of hits and building circulation numbers for this blog is the name of the game!


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2 Responses to “Graffiti Sneakers”

  1. Bill Says:

    Bob, I could use about a half dozen pair of those sneakers. I’m sure my friends would be duly impressed with my fashion acumen!

    Hi-tops are my definitive choice! Anything in pink is good for me!

  2. Moe Tamani Says:

    Old stuff now ……however good and liked the last one

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