Aussie Trip in brief

This report will be an update for all the folks whose e-mail address I collected while traveling in Australia.

My stay in Sydney in November was longer than expected because I had to wait for some paperwork (debit card) to arrive from the USA.

One of the pictures I took of folks climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge (used a telephoto lens shooting from the Pylon) is supposed to be used for a travel guide for Sydney.

Photos of the bats in the Botanical Garden got hits.

On the Saturday, when I walked into the top rated hostel in Melbourne, there was a kid with a broken beer bottle threatening the security guard.  I said it was very nostalgic for someone who had worked in New York City.  I was booking a flight out of that city by Monday.

There were more banking troubles in Aus when I got to Fremantle.  NAB (National Australian Bank) was very helpful in setting up a bank account in their country.

Had fun with the girls of the “Goon Squad” in Fremantle.  I wonder if the real estate salesman took my suggestion and put an ad in one of the weekly papers in Malibu.

Kalgoorlie was fun and I hope I was able to help Sam find some help for his uncle’s possible plagiarism case.

I hope Greg is keeping to his plan to do some serious writing while working in the mines.

Back in Fremantle for Christmas, I found the statue of Bon Scott and took a bunch of pictures.  He was born in Scotland, but raised in Fremantle, so they are proud of their former citizen and have erected the statue of him.  Those pictures bring hits to this blog.

Canberra was very quiet in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but I enjoyed seeing the Summer Nats car event and the pictures from that have brought a great many hits to this web site.

It was very reassuring to come back to Sydney and know where I wanted to go and how to get there.

It seems that every country with an east coast and a west coast have a strong east vs. west coast rivalry.  I like Sydney, but if I had to choose, I think I would rather live in W. A.

Now, if I can start making a fortune (Republican style) by selling T-shirts via this blog, I may be able to afford a return visit next Christmas/Summer to W. A.


One Response to “Aussie Trip in brief”

  1. Paul & Gill Dent Says:

    Hi Bob,

    It was good to spend part of Christmas day with you on Cottesloe with the gang! We were there with Claire – not sure if you recall.
    It appears, from your photies, that you made it to the Motor Show, following on from Freemantle – good pics! Where are the pics from the Beach, which you took on Christmas Day itself, Bob?
    Take care.

    Paul & Gill

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