The Longest Day

Sydney at sunset

Sydney at sunset

This was the sunset as seen from Sydney on my last night in Australia.

It’s sad to be leaving.

It seems that there wasn’t a week in Australia whern I didn’t hear Johnny Cash’s music.  Elvis is also played very much.  On Monday afternoon, I heard (at a Cuban cafe) Edith Piaf.

There will be more to post later.  They sell mixed cocktails in a can in Oz and call them RTD’s (Ready to Drink.)

I may have become dependent on sausage rolls.

Today started at (of course) midnight in Sydney a little after 1600 hours I will get on a jet and head for San Francisco.  I think the flight takes 17 hours and I will arrive in SFO at just about this time (It’s 10:38 a.m. on Jan. 20, 2009) and will have about 14 hours more of this day left.  That adds up to about 47 hours.  When I arrive in San Fran, I will try to post another report at noon (or so) and when the day is over, there will be a new president of the United States and I will have traveled a good number of miles, and then it will be time to look for new information to post on this blog.

Darknesss at sundown

Darknesss at sundown


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