Doncha just love computers?

Everywhere I seem to have various degrees of trouble with flppies and downloading picturee via computers here in Oz.

It’s getting to be just too much hassle.

I may try again later on a different set of computers but then again…

I intended to go to Perth today, but may rest up since my cold ins’t fully finished with me yet.

It’s Monday afternoon and it’s funny to think that the Sunday night country music program may be just about to start back in L. A.

To be continued…



One Response to “Doncha just love computers?”

  1. Bill Hitzel Says:

    Bob, I note that you have mastered including pictures in your blog. Now when you get back, if ever, you will have to tell Jersey Bill how it is done! Keep smiling…have you given thought to extending your “vacation” now that you are on the other side of the world?

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