Time warp

It’s time for the Monday morning news here in Perth, but back in the USA the guys with the Sunday Night Classics (country music) have enven started their program.

I believe that my cold is very much in remission.  I can talk and breath.  The girls in the “Goon Squad” helped with meds and teas.  I may go into Perth and explore today.

Alphainventions (?) has sent some new readers to this blog!

Now if the regulars in the Promobabble Patrol will only send the URL to all their friends and relatives, maybe we can start to grow this site.  The plug on the Bartcop site and the one on L. A. Observed helped get us listed on wordpress’ “hawt blogs” list. 

It seems that the best item on the site was the one about the Republicans getting ready to have an impeachment movement ready and in place for Inauguration Day.  Bi-partician support is for Republican Presidents only!

To be continued . . .



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