Blog = stream of consciousness novel?

NYPD = good pizza in Melbourne.  Not much Mexican food in evidence.

Why doesn’t someone invent a combo pen spoon?  One end could be a spoon for stirring coffee (etc.) and the other could be a pen.  You can always use a ballpoint pen to stir coffee but a spoon doesn’t do much good when you get a good phone number.

A cheap alcoholic drink that’s almost wine is called “goon” by the kids here in Oz.

Saw cotton candy in the video store.  Do that have that in the USA and I just didn’t notice it or what?  As I recall cotton candy was only available at amusement parks in the USA.

Canadians call couches a “Chesterfield.”  I couldn’t convince them that it was a cigarette.  They didn’ know:  “Chesterfield tasts good like a cigarette should.”

I read in the paper while I was in Sydney that the Cronulla Sharks were trying to borrow some money to pay their team.  Yikes!  There must be a world wide financial crises happening, eh?

Maybe I just misunderstood, but (no time for fact checking) it seems that there are rock groups here named “Holy Fuck” and “Machine Gun Felatio.”

In Sydney, Louie from Canada told me that the basking shark is facing extinction.

In the Video store they had a DVD for the best of “The Naked Vicar Show.”  Where are the born again Republicans when you really need them?

Are blogs the modern equivalant of a stream of consciousness novel?


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