Melbourne Observed

So far we’ve seen:  a pub with a drive through window.  (Package goods only)

A guy with a Concordia U. t-shirt made us stop and think.

Melbourne’s sister city is (I’m told by a book store clerk who looked it up online) Boston.

We’ve also seen:  An MG TC in primo condition, a 1961 Lincoln Continental four door convert in primo coniditon, a 1961 Wolse Sdn.  (Don’t ask, it’s the first one we’ve ever seen.) and a 58 VW bus with right hand drive.  They all had right hand drive.

Kraftwork is coming to Oz.  I saw them at the Santa Monica Civic about 32 years ago.

Nick Cave is organizing a All expat tour of Oz.  Didn’t he and the bad seeds play for years in the British pub on Lincoln Blvd. in Santa Monica?

What’s with the Santa Monica connection?  Is Santa Monica the tryout place for Oz music?

I’m not an outdoor type guy.  I enjoy cities and as I walked about Melbourne today I notice a great many buildings that reminded me of New Orleans 100 years ago and others that reminded me of Saigon before WWII.  I have never seen those two cities so don’t ask how the buildings could remind me of those unseen cities.

The old Saigon-type buildings got me to wondering:  In the thirties what the heck were all the people wo worked in thos building doing?  Preparing for WWII or shipping kola bear furs back to England?  Did the huntrs club Kola bear cubs to death rather than shoot them so that the pelts wouldn’t have bullet hole in them?

End of Sunday Nov. 16, 2008 report.

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