Harry’s Hotdogs in Sydney

Harry's Hotdogs in Sydney


Harry’s Hot Dogs in Sydney are said to be world famous and he has tons of pictures of celebrities who come there to have one.

Now, he can boast about a vist from the World’s Laziest Journalist.

They were very good.  Spicy like suasage and had onions, mexican beans and a special cheese sauce.


One Response to “Harry’s Hotdogs in Sydney”

  1. stubwah1 Says:

    We were on our way to NZ and decided to pay a visit to Sydney, and whilst there paid a visit to Harry’s- and they are indeed the best chilli dogs in the world (also the only chilli dog i have ever had).

    One for breakfast sets you up for the day schlepping around Sydney.

    So good, in fact, prior to leaving NZ we amended our itinerary, to include a 24 hour stopover in Sydney again just to have another Chilli dog.

    I make it that is 1337 miles detour, plus an additional night stay just for a hot dog.

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