Fame and fortune via Blogging

The World’s Laziest Journalist’s blog is on the air (agin) from Sydney at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

We’ve just posted two more pictures for the members of the Promobabble Patrol (and anyone else) to see and after we finish using the computer (time for a plug)


we will walk down the hill to Harry’s Hot Dogs.  They are world famous and we will write about world fame, blogging and Howard’s world famous avacado burgers tomorrow for Bart Cop.

Just checking we see that there are pictures of Howard’s on Flickr


So, maybe Howard’s is world famous?

We will be moving on to Melbourne on Saturday.  We will miss a wild party at Bondi beach which the guys from Chili (who just got a pad) will throw.

As it stands now, I plan to come back to Sydney about a week early and then be free to bust the budget and buy some stuff for some people.  I bought one thing for my literary agent in Sherman Oaks and it cost three times more to send it back to L. A. than it did to buy it.  If I didn’t buy anything for anybody, that would be fair, but now that I’ve bought one thing . . . How can I buy something for my literary agent and not for my lawery?

It’s Christmas time, how can you not buy stuff?

Note for Alan:  the battery recharger for the camera batteries works fine with a cheap plug adapter.  It has a built in voltage adjustment.  When the guys at Looking Glass Photo in Berkeley pointed that feature out to me, I just had to lug the camera and recharger along.  Now, I’m glad I did.

I tried to show one of the young folks at the hostel, where my blog is and had a tough time finding it myself.  So . . .  I will be using the “World’s Laziest Journalist” phrase much more often so that Google will find me easier.

Well, it’s time to check and see how my stuff on Smirking Chim, Oped News, and Bartcop looks. 

Onward to Harry’s Hot Dogs . . .


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