Like L. A. forty years ago

When I went to the Australian counsulate in L. A. about a month ago, there was a young guy there to pick up some paperwork for his Australian wife and he told me going to Australia would be like visiting L. A. forty years ago.

It just so happens that I was in L. A. forty years ago (go to Flickr and search for “bobby kennedy 68 Los Angeles” and the top suggested picture should be mine) and that is a very good analogy for visiting Australia.   But some of the kids at the hostile seem uncertain just who was “The Jefferson Airplane.”

Did I really see the Jefferson Airplane play a free gig at Golden Gate Park?  I can’t remember what the name of the music group was.  They say if you can remember the Sixties, you weren’t really there.

I do know for sure that I did see the Jefferson Airplane play in . . . Fresno!

So far, no Australian band seems to be the new Jefferson Airplane.

To be continued . . .



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