Notes from on the road

On Sunday I went to the Powerhouse Museum and there was a lot there to see.  One of the most interesting things for me was a cutaway view of a 1939 4-door Chev (right hand drive). 

It’s funny what folks like and don’t like.  A clerk at the big Sydney book store wanted to travel and see the world.  The one thing she wanted to see was the Jurassic Museum in L. A.

To me that’s interesting, because I used to live within walking distance of it and the time I visited it, L.A.Bill and I were walking around.  He said “ever been in there?”  Neither of us had seen it so we went in.  I got a column about it because while we where there we met a couple from Fresno and they were happy about a tourist attrction in Fresno.

So, I hope that girl gets to L. A. and sees the Museum that I took for granted for so long.

A picture of the 1939 Chev will be posted after I publish this report, so it will appear above this.

I’m off on a walk to the Paddington District (again) today.

To be continued . . .


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