Sydney Update

One nice thing about being in Australia is that you don’t have to worry about your 401 and/or the NYSE because it’s last night in the states and the stock market won’t open for hours, so why worry about it?

At the MTV Gallery in Sydney they had a cool phaeton car (4 door convert able).  It was a Holden.  If they name cars after Hollywood stars what will be next, a John Wayne roadster?

When folks pitch us for a donation to their cause, we just run the link and let our readers do all the heavy lifting (and reading).  We met a nice young lady working for Amnesty so here’s the link

Today we saw a young lady wearing jeans that were leotard tight.  Levi leotards?  Looks like something the young ladies in the states might want to use to catch some admiring glances.

A Ferrari cost $3,250 a day to rent here in Sydney, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds because with the dollar gaining strength, that means it is only about $2,000 a day in US money.  Here is the link

We have to post hastily because computer time means money while on the road. 

My first item for Bartcop has been posted. 

Excuse me, I have a post to write for the Chimp site.

Ciao for now.



One Response to “Sydney Update”

  1. dancedirect Says:

    Gymnasts require a very comfortable garment to perform their skills. The leotards are an ideal skin-tight, one-piece garment that fulfills this purpose. It is a standard uniform of gymnasts around the world and is designed with many attractive patterns and colors.

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