Official Web Site for the CRRRRAP Tour

Hack has been broadcasting live from Alice Springs all this week on Triple J.

Dang!  Scooped again!

The World’s Laziest Journalist’s endeavor to go “On the Oz Road”  has final gotten a name.

Due to the disrespect shown to George W. Bush, we will be trying to rehabilitate his reputation as one of the world’s leading diplomats.

The Committee to Restore Respect and Rehabilitate the Reputation for the American President (CRRRRAP) Tour will start the Summer Tour of Australia any day now.

We don’t want folks to beg off donating to the GWB Presidential Library because “they can’t afford it right now.”  Hogwash!  The man has changed history and shown that, contrary to a popular longtime misunderstanding, the United States can fight a war and have a depression at the same time.  No other President has managed to do that.

If he can set historical precedences, then Joe Sixpack, Joe Hamburger, and Joe the Plumber can contribute to the Presidential Library and I will be preaching to gospel of donations for the Texas’ newest Presidential Library.

(Will the John McCain Presidential Library be built in Panama?)

Maybe before we go we should call Dennis Miller and Bill O’Reilly and see if they can help subsidize this humanitarian mission to Australia? 

A tour of Canada about 35 years ago has skewed the conduct of our blog’s Australia vs. Canada competition.  Doing a tour of Australia will be a way of affirming our support for fair and balanced news coverage and blog competitions! ! ! 

Stay tuned . . .



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