HAL showed the way


The newest column speculates about what if HAL in “2001” inspires the electronic voting machines to revolt and help the Republicans.

Saturday started out cloudy and chilly in Berkeley, but things improved as the day went along.

Again, we thank bartcop for sending a big number of visitors to this rookie blog.

Jersey Bill has taken some new auto racing photos and we will link to them as soon as possible.

Pegasus Books in Berkeley has a good return policy and we have hit a brick wall with Kerouac’s “Visions of Cody” and we set out this afternoon to take it back, but (like HAL?) the book just wouldn’t let us do that and we still have it and will lug it all over Australia (apparently.)

Are computers prone to fascism because they can’t think or feel?

Now, the problem is to stay awake until SNL starts later tonight.


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