Promobabble Senior Issue

Weather in Berkeley was good today but not the beautiful kind that the earlier part of the week delivered.


Getting ready to leave for Oz on the 27th rather than waiting until December to go.


There might be some lapses and gaps in communication.  Some future issues of the Promobabble may just say Got here etc.


Stay tuned for more


Promobabble Senior Issue



Members of the SPHS ’61 squad and some others will know that after yesterday, the commander qualifies for a senior discount under even the most stringent rules.  



We saw a 37 (40?) Chevy huckster’s truck in unrestored condition in Berkeley and also a 50 Plymouth station wagon that seemed to be a restoration in progress type vehicle.



Just the usual plug for my new columns on oped news, smirking chimp, and this blog.



“It was as if someone who longed for the sea and a ship were suddenly given his ship and then asked where he wanted to go.  He hadn’t ever really expected the ship so he had spent all his time wishing for it and no time figuring out what to do with it after he got it.”  Dalton Trumbo



Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again.”



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