Dark Thoughts on a Beautiful Afternoon

 (Berkeley CA) Oct. 12.  The day I arrived in San Francisco in 1969, James Richter had been shot.  It took awhile, but today while walking around, I finally got to People’s Park.  I took a rest break and sat there reading the secondhand paperback, I had just bough, Dalton Trumbo’s “Johnny Got His Gun.” 


The people in Berkeley said that today was unusual for a mid-October day.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was warm.  Berkeley on a warm Sunday seemed much quieter than L. A. would have been.


The writing in the Trumbo book is excellent.  I’ve heard about the movie adaptation and I know how it will end, but the writing is worth reading.  Do people read good writing these days? 


In Los Angeles, the book stores are closing in frightening numbers.  Cody’s is gone from Berkeley, but there is a remarkable number of bookstores. 


Reading the Trumbo book and thinking about my opinion in a recent column that the US is running up a blood debt that will fuel retaliation (which will, in turn, run up more need for retaliation and that will keep the war going) I thought of one comment that was posted with that column.  It said Muslim’s don’t indulge in revenge because there are passages in the book they go by that forbids it.  Isn’t that kinda like saying Christians are pure and chase because one of the 10 commandments forbids adultery? 


If they don’t believe in revenge, then why has the Sunni vs. Shiite feud been a running battle for over a thousand years? 


GWB has gotten us into it and, if you stop to think about it, there will be no end.  It really is the forever war.  There will be many more columns to write about this but the conservative talk show hosts will talk about victory and the ordinary people will be content to put up with the hardships until the victory comes. 


Victory?  Who is going to sign the surrender document?  Even if Osama signs one, others can take the Bush attitude toward the Geneva accords and say: “It isn’t binding on me because I wasn’t there when it was negotiated.”  They will then continue their battle and, long after the fighter pilot has gone to his final resting place, there will be a need to send Americans to foreign countries to continue the War on Terror.


“You never really knew what the fight was all about.”  DaltonTrumbo


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