A search engine for movie reviews

If you want a site that presents as many links as possible to as many reviews of one particular move as possible then you will probably like the Movie Review Query Engine, which is at:


If you are not going to be the first person to write a movie review for online readers, it’s good to know what other reviewers are saying about the same movie.  It is kinda embarrassing when you write the first review and Roger Ebert disparages your effort.  (You could always write him a thank you note for all the publicity, of course.)




One Response to “A search engine for movie reviews”

  1. rorydean Says:

    Greetings! Thanks for the reference regarding http://www.mrqe.com. I’ve seen several suggestions about them and will go check them out now. Funny comment about Roger Ebert; I’ve been a long time supporter of his work but very often find our reviews of films qutie a lot different. Take my latest review of Inception. We’re no where near the same page but that is half the fun!


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