Australia vs. Canada (Round 4) Police

Australia vs. Canada (Round 4) Police


Canada has one of the world’s most famous law enforcement agencies in the world, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Australia doesn’t score quite as well in this phase of the competition. 


When the Australians had their most famous fugitive, Ned Kelly, surrounded, they shot him 27 times and couldn’t kill him.  He was nursed back to health and then they put him on trial, found him guilty and sentenced him to death by hanging.


Is there a bias in this weekly blog feature?  Well, this week we went to the Australian consulate and got some information about Oz and an Australian catalogue.


On Saturday, September 20, 2008, in Santa Monica , we stopped a tourist couple from Perth and gave them the URL for our blog.  (Go Perth Dockers!)


Keeping in mind that this blogger is trying to land a gig touring Australia and blogging about it; sorta like Jack Kerouac woulda if he were still alive and going on the road (and had become computer literate), you might notice a wee bit of favoritism, occasionally.  Maybe Qantas will like the idea?


Tune in again next Monday when the next category will be . . . (famous Australian and/or Canadian buildings in Santa Monica ? ? ?)



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