Positive Thinking Issue of the Promoabble Report

Promobabble No. 20

Positive Thinking Issue

Saturday Sept. 13, 2008

This is

Peanut Day

Snack a Pickle Time

Positive Thinking Day

B-days  David Clayton Thomas, Peter Cetera, Dave Mustaine, Zak Starky, Randy Jones, and Fiona Apple

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I was talking to a horse man this week and his advice was:  “Never walk behind an elephant.”  Why?  You’ll be right where they can kick you if they like and odds are they will.



When last week’s Promobabble was published, there were two members of the Promoabble Patrol in China .  This was just a coincidence; there are no plans for to establish a squad there.  You can read about the one member’s trip to China (and other stuff) at:




When the JAS Photo Team hits the road in search of something new to photo in the L. A. area, and since we both like cars, we kid about getting great pictures of rare and exotic cars.  We use the example of a Chrysler Airflow from 1936 as the metaphorical example of the search for the holy grail.

Searching for the xxx?


On Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008, on my way over to Santa Monica , I actually saw a lime green 1936 Chrysler Airflow parked by Ed’s Automotive (the Cadilac specialist) by the airport in Santa Monica !


Living in Southern California is like walking around the New York Auto Show (as Jersey Bill and I did in 1961) because it is a living car show and you never know when you will spot a gem.


Many years ago (about 30) while driving around in Santa Monica , I experienced the high light of my spotting career:  a Ferrari 275 TR roadster (with those unusual scooped fenders).  There were (I believe) only 7 of these exotic racing machines made.  It was on a car transporter on Second St .  Since Phil Hill has lived in the same house in Santa Monica from 1929 until he recently passed away, I figured that the rare red roadster belonged to him. 


Every day, an excursion in the L. A. area holds the possibility of an unforgettable car spotting experience.



The item about the missing drinking song apparently looks like a mistake because of a typo.  The Romburg song should read:  “Drinking Song” and not “Drinking Son.”  The topic of 100 Best Drinking songs is bringing a good deal of folks from outside the Promobabble Patrol to the web site.




Jersey Bill, a member of the Promobabble Patrol’s SPHS ’61 squad, was deputized by the JAS Photo Team to cover the races at Watkins Glenn. 



The team’s chief photographer has been on assignment outside the L. A. area and the results will soon start to be posted.  Check by clicking:




After the O. J. murder trial was completed and things settled down a bit, the local newspaper, the Santa Monica Outlook, caught an amusing footnote that the national media didn’t relay to their audience.  It seems that O. J. was, since he had never been convicted of a felony, told to report for possible jury duty.  He did and was quickly dismissed. 



From page six of “Con Ed” by Matthew Klein:  “The first rule of cons is:  Never let the victim know he’s been had.  The second rule is:  If you break the first, then run like hell.”

(Are the rumors that Bush will retire and relocate to Peru , true?)



Now, the disk jockey will play the Hong Kongs’ 1963 hit, “Surfin’ in the China Sea .”

We’ll hang ten outta here.  Have a “Charlie Don’t Surf!” type week.

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