Promobabble No. 19

Promobabble No. 19

Read a book Day

B-days:  David Allen Coe, Mel McDaniel, Mark Chesnutt, and Roger Waters

Saturday Sept. 6, 2008



Earlier in the week, as part of our Canada vs. Australia competition we stated that only one movie, a documentary, had been made about Canada’s most famous fugitive but at the local dough-nut shop, we were informed that Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson appeared in a movie about Albert Johnson.  The movie was called “Death Hunt.”



It looks like the World’s Laziest Journalist Industries will be moving out of the current Home Office on Sept. 30.  A special day for all James Dean fans.



The Republicans like to be the ones to frame issues, and so they are very coy about nominating John McCain.  Let’s put it this way:  How much money in addition to the country’s future, are you willing to bet that John McCain will live long enough to seek reelection in 2012? 



This week’s issue will be date stamped on Saturday even though it will still be Friday eveing here in L. A. when it is posted.



Our recent political punditry columns have focused on various aspects of the story of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin and so we are hoping that they will get mentioned on the Huffington Post’s Sarah Palin Big News Page which collects links for folks who want to read-up on the new Republican VP candidate.  Note for Jersey Bill, the Huffington Post also has a Big news page for Cars where they provide links for all the best online car-oriented material/breaking news that the editors can find.  Click this URL to see it:



If all the sports coverage on cable TV can spawn bars featuring TV sets tuned into various and sundry sports events, why then can’t the number of political TV shows spawn specialty marketing for a bar with TV’s tuned into the various all Republican fair and balanced propaganda all the time and be news junkie bars? 



Our recent use of the link to Barstool Mountain’s list of 100 best drinking songs has brought new visitors to this weblog and that in turn reminds us that we should urge the  faithful members of the Promobabble Patrol to fwd the link to this site to any and all of their friend, coworkers, and relatives who might enjoy reading the Promobabble Report.



It’s good to run information that isn’t available elsewhere on the Internets and that gives us a chance to mention that we have gotten a copy of Nazi Gold written by Ian Sayer and Douglas Botting on loan from the Santa Monica Public Library and the book, which covers the greatest Robbbery of all times (according to the Guinness Book of Records) the 1945 plundering of the German Reichsbank.  To this day the series of events are  still unsolved.  The book mentions Sgt. Albert Singelton on 11 different pages, but a Google search for references to him on the Internets was unsuccessful.  Now, there will be one and that one will help build traffic coming to this weblog and those people will know what book to try to find.



The Los Angeles Shelby American Automobile Club

will be holding their annual car show this weekend on the Santa Monica Pier and will soon be holding their September Open Track event at Willow Springs.  Use the link to get more details about either or both.



I want to thank all the Canadians who came out today to wave to me – with all five fingers!
President George W. Bush (during his first visit to Ottawa Nov. 30, 2004)

That’s from this web page full of quotes about “the Can” (AKA Canada.)



Jerry Reed died earlier in the week and so the disk jockey will play one of our personal favorites “Amos Moses” and we will disappear into the swamp.  Have a week that doesnt involve becoming your country’s most famous fugitve.


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