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Music link

September 30, 2008

Technically it may be too early to post the Wednesday post, but I pushed for time so here goes:

KXLU’s Rev. Dan does the Music for Nimrods program and the blog for the show so if you like the other music links we’ve posted then, odds are, you will like this one and the ones he links to.  (“A preposition is something you shouldn’t end a sentance with.”)

Pulp Fiction quote of the week

September 30, 2008

In the August 1938 issue of  Double Detective, Richard Sale in “Shoal Waters” had this byte of excitment:  “When he was halfway across, I saw him stumble and he left out a terrible scream and for a moment I thought he had stepped into a quicksand pit, but that was it.”  page 49 (The barracudas were doing their nasty work on the poor devil.)

Mystery fans, don’t forget that Bouchercon starts October 9, in Baltimore.  For more info click this

Australia vs. Canada (Round 5) Cool buildings in Santa Monica

September 29, 2008

In Santa Monica, there is a building where both the U. S. and Australian flags are on display.  It gives the Aussies something to crow about.  It seems to be some actor’s home office.  There doesn’t seem to be any building flying the Canadian flag in Santa Monica, so it looks like Oz wins this weeks round.

Next week:  movie industry will be the category

Growing list of links

September 28, 2008

We’ve added new links over to the right.  When we go on the road, we may not have enough time to do tasks such as adding new links, so we made an effort on Saturday to get the list as complete as we could at this stage.

Hmmm.  Now that we think about it, we do have one more to add; the hippie/hitchhiker site digihitch

Paul Newman Asked for My Autograph

September 27, 2008

We were very sad to hear that Paul Newman died.  He really did ask for my autograph.  Here’s a link to the column I wrote for Just Above Sunset online magazine about how it happened:

Promobabble Kerouac Issue

September 26, 2008
Bob greets the world

Bob greets the world

Promobabble Kerouac Issue

No.  Twenty Two

Saturday, September 27, 2008





As Bill Graham used to say:  “Ladies and gentlemen; it’s all about to happen . . .”



Since we have been posting the Promobabble on the blog at wordpress and since it can not be read on wordpress in China, we will have to copy and past the report into the e-mails and urge everyone who can to read it on the wordpress site, so that I’ll see some hits on the site meter.



To see the JAS coverage of the races at Watkins Glen please check the JAS site.  (If we can we will post the exact URL when it becomes available.)  The JAS homepage is at:



Since our access to various computers (the Santa Monica Public Library has practically become our office) will be limited, publication of the Promobabble Report may be spotty and sporadic for the next few weeks.



Some fellow took a picture of the table at a bar near Columbia University where there is a plaque (and some old snapshots) that proclaims:  “Jack Kerouac drank here.”  The photo is posted on Flickr.  To see it click this URL

Now, that I have a few extra bucks, maybe it’s time to go back to that bar and have a sarsaparilla and sandwich? 



We try to post everyday on the blog, so check it out and give a look every day if you can.  We will be posting regularly (we hope) on Smirking Chimp and Oped News.  We won’t be able to post all the links for all the columns, so check those sites out if you want to see what I’m up to in the near future.  We may try to start cross posting on Digihitch if we can.



From “On the Road”:  “Why think about that when all the golden land’s ahead of you and all kinds of unforeseen events wait lurking to surprise you and make you glad you’re alive to see?”



At the top of this post there should be a picture of the author of this blog.



Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again!”


To be continued . . .

Newsreels as TV entertainment?

September 26, 2008

Pathe’s newsreels are available for viewing online:

but with all the crap that’s on TV and since folks complain that kids these days don’t know geogrophy and history very well, why doesn’t some cable company (like the History Network?) have a nightly news program using the old “on this day in history” angle?

A search engine for movie reviews

September 25, 2008

If you want a site that presents as many links as possible to as many reviews of one particular move as possible then you will probably like the Movie Review Query Engine, which is at:

If you are not going to be the first person to write a movie review for online readers, it’s good to know what other reviewers are saying about the same movie.  It is kinda embarrassing when you write the first review and Roger Ebert disparages your effort.  (You could always write him a thank you note for all the publicity, of course.)

Radio down under

September 24, 2008

As a kid, I used to like to hear radio stations coming in from far away.  These days,  I can click this URL

and listen to radio in australia.

Doncha just love livin’ in the computer age?

Robert Rohde Quote

September 23, 2008

In the story “Pass for Two” in the Detective Fiction Weekly for Sept. 26, 1936, Robert H. Rohde Pass included this explosive passage:  “Gallard drew once more at the cigarette.  Then he dropped it and, sparkling, it fell – landed, all but dead center in that pool of gasoline!” p134