Day Two

Since this is a learning experience for me, the first posts may not be consistent and/or coherent.  Today’s trip to the Santa Monica Public Library to get something posted is not turning out as well as expected, but this is a chance to refine the formula and get it down to an easy routine.

The Promobabble Report started out forty years ago as letters to high school buddies in the armed services. 

One of the guys reported that he would read the letters to his squad and that they were eagerly anticipated.

Much later the letters were sent simultaneously to some of my younger relatives attending college.  It turns out they too shared the letters.  Eventually some of my coworkers asked to be included on the distribution list.

When the Internet(s) became available it was a simple matter of getting a mailing list and sending it out via e-mail.  The recipients were free to pass them along to whoever.

So now, it seems like the audience can be built up to a greater number by posting the Promobabble Reports here and letting folks find them by whatever means.

We’ll try adding links to other blogs and add information about things like finding the novel “We” which inspired both George Orwell (his diary is being published online in daily installments elsewhere on wordpress) and Aldous Huxley to write their Utopia books.


“Nimrod mad his living now by creating small things.” Page 169 of Home Country by Ernie Pyle


Because of the beautifully sunny, cloudless day here, the disk jockey will play Paul Simon’s “Kodachrome” and we’ll skip out of here.  Have a “what difference does one more war make” type week!


One Response to “Day Two”

  1. Diane and Andy Says:

    Great job, Bob!

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